As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads rapidly in Shimane Prefecture, the prefecture has decided to strengthen the system by sending an additional 50 clerical staff to support, saying that the work of the health center is tight.

While the number of infected people per day in Shimane Prefecture reached a record high of 755, the prefecture held a countermeasures headquarters meeting on the 5th, and in this, contacted the infected people at the Izumo Health Center, where the number of infected people is particularly increasing. It was reported that the work to take the infection was delayed.

The prefecture has decided to send an additional 50 clerical staff to support from the 5th, saying that the work of the Izumo Health Center is tight, and will proceed with adjustments to add another 50 in the future to strengthen the health center system. I confirmed that I would do it.

After the meeting, Governor Maruyama said, "I recognize that the current situation is by far the most severe. There are some parts that have not been overtaken by the cause of the spread of infection, and I would like to take measures that the prefecture can take at present." Said.

Regarding the rapid spread of infection, Kenji Tahara, director of the Shimane Prefecture Infectious Disease Control Office, said, "Of the Omicron strains," BA.5, "which is pointed out to be more likely to spread, is being replaced. In "7th wave", infections over the age of 60 are also conspicuous. I would like the citizens of the prefecture to thoroughly implement basic infection control measures once again. "