□ Our reporter Yu Dongming

  □ Zhang Haiyan, a trainee reporter of this newspaper

  July 3, the first weekend after the Shanghai restaurant opened for dine-in.

In the evening, Xianxia Road, known as the "Shanghai Late Night Canteen", regained its vitality. Various neon lights were gradually lit up, and Japanese-style izakayas, barbecue restaurants, and small seafood restaurants opened their doors to welcome guests.

  "At 9 o'clock in the evening, Xianxia Road is the busiest time. When we go to check, we can prevent hidden dangers, fill loopholes, and ensure safety." The reporter of "Rule of Law Daily" followed the deputy of the Xianxia Road Police Station of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Ning Branch that day. Qian Fei, the director, had a night-time law enforcement experience.

  Do a good job in epidemic prevention

  Scan the location code, show a 72-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate, and have a normal body temperature test before entering the store. This is a standard action for all restaurants on Xianxia Road.

  The reporter noticed that the distance between tables in almost all restaurants has expanded a lot than before.

In a large and medium-sized restaurant with an operating area of ​​more than 150 square meters, 70% of the seats are set in the lobby, and there is a distance of more than one meter between the tables.

The square (long) dining table is seated in separate positions, and the standard round table is seated in separate positions.

  In small restaurants, the number of diners is generally controlled according to 50% of the maximum capacity. The square (long) table is seated at different positions, and the standard round table is seated at different positions.

  "We have to regularly disinfect the inside and outside of the restaurant every day. For takeaway passages, workbenches, doorknobs, handrails, public trash cans, toilets and other public supplies and facilities that customers often come into contact with, they are cleaned and disinfected 3 times a day. And make a record, after each table customer leaves, they will also clean and disinfect the tables, chairs and tableware in time." The manager of the well-known seafood chain Hai Lige said.

  Looking at the ledger of many restaurants, I remember clearly the number of cleaning and disinfection times, garbage removal records, and disinfection records of purchased items.

  "In the past two days, various types of law enforcement inspections have been very frequent. We dare not take it lightly and strictly implement various epidemic prevention regulations, for fear that there will be a case of infection." The manager of a northeastern barbecue restaurant told reporters that even takeaway delivery should be carefully selected now. Riders, make sure they have a valid negative nucleic acid test report, and the incubator they use is cleaned and disinfected every day.

  The freshness of ingredients is the magic weapon for all kinds of restaurants to win.

After an epidemic, many restaurants were forced to dump many ingredients that had not been consumed before the lockdown.

  "The store can be opened on June 1st. Although I can't dine in, I can go back to the store." The owner of a daily food store said that on the first day of returning to the store, it took half a day to clean up the rotten stock vegetables and fresh meat. , It is really distressing, but there is no way.

  Finally, wait until the dine-in resumes.

  Eliminate fire hazards

  No. 675, Xianxia Road, is a Japanese-style izakaya. The store is crowded with people. Young men and women are sitting on the seats at the door, waiting for the diners in front to leave.

Qian Fei and two law enforcement policemen walked into the store to carry out law enforcement inspections.

  Open the fire extinguisher box and check if the pointer on the dial is still in the green area to make sure the fire extinguisher is still valid.

When the emergency lighting was pressed, it was found that the latch was unplugged, and the lighting could not work normally.

  Entering the back kitchen, the charcoal fire in the fireplace is burning vigorously, the temperature rises suddenly, and portions of delicately arranged food are being brought out in an orderly manner from here.

"The temperature in the back kitchen is too high, and more attention should be paid to fire safety. The range hood should be cleaned regularly, and the fire door and fire fighting equipment should also be in normal use." Law enforcement policeman Gong Chenxun told the store manager meticulously.

  An Internet celebrity chain seafood restaurant, with a great reputation, its consistent high-level service has attracted many old customers to come for dinner.

Qian Fei and his party carefully inspected the firefighting facilities and the risk prevention measures for hidden safety hazards in the back kitchen.

  "The range hood was cleaned just the day before yesterday, and there are cleaning records here. The fire extinguishers are all within the validity period." Manager Dong, the store manager, led the law enforcement police into the large back kitchen, where various condiments were neatly placed on the stainless steel dining table. , a row of pots and stoves have also been wiped clean, and the range hood that has just been cleaned has almost no greasy dirt. A chef is turning the iron pot and pouring a pot of tempting pickled fish into a bowl.

  Check the ledger, enter the back kitchen, check firefighting facilities, and warn against hidden security risks and epidemic risks.

Along the way, the reporter followed Qian Fei and his party to inspect dozens of restaurants.

  If the entry code is not obvious, it should be corrected and placed in a conspicuous position; if the debris accumulates in the fire protection facilities, it should be cleaned up in time to prevent hidden dangers; the range hoods that have not been cleaned since the epidemic should be cleaned as soon as possible within a reasonable time; Those who illegally place too many dining tables at the entrance should be removed as soon as possible...

  bless the night

  "During the epidemic, many stores have not been operated for a long time and have been left unattended, which may lead to the aging of fire protection facilities and the lack of management personnel. We arranged for public security police to carry out comprehensive fire safety inspections on merchants, and issue rectification orders for merchants with hidden dangers. A special person will immediately supervise the rectification to ensure that the hidden dangers in the opening process are cleared." Qian Fei said.

  "Be careful not to let customers drink excessively. If there is a conflict, please call 110 in time. Don't sell alcohol after 2 am."

  After the resumption of dine-in, the Xianxia Road police station made a careful plan for the possible "retaliatory" gathering and dining wine, and after communicating with the relevant management departments, after communicating with the merchants, it was stipulated that alcoholic beverages would not be sold after 2 am every day.

At the same time, the intensity of police patrols on the streets will be increased. From 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the next day, 4 police cars and 8 police officers will be arranged to patrol the area within the jurisdiction.

  After entering the store for inspection, the reporter followed Qian Fei to board the police car, circled around Xianxia Road again, and finally stopped at the corner of the road intersection.

The red and blue two-color police lights flicker, and they are still particularly conspicuous in the middle of the colorful lantern signs.

"The police car is parked here, and the citizens can see it, which will give you a lot of peace of mind." Qian Fei said.

  Walking on Xianxia Road at night, there are scenes of people eating together and laughing and laughing everywhere. The police lights flashing on the road from time to time, and the patrolling policemen passing by occasionally, make the diners feel at ease.

  The confidence of merchants is also recovering, and many shop owners are applying for rent relief, hoping to recover some losses from the shutdown during the epidemic.

The public security police went door-to-door to publicize the telecommunication network fraud of "ordering food, purchasing and purchasing to induce transfer", so that the public could keep their eyes open and beware of being deceived.

  "Shanghai's fireworks are coming back, and we must strengthen our protection to ensure a stable and orderly social security environment within our jurisdiction, so that the people can eat with confidence." Qian Fei said.