Two homeroom teachers revealed their real names for actor Nam Joo-hyuk (29), who was caught up in allegations of bullying at the insistence of a high school classmate.

On the 5th, the entertainment media Dispatch interviewed a total of 20 people, including 10 classmates who studied with Nam Joo-hyuk from the first year to the third year of high school, and two homeroom teachers in the first and third grades. reported objections to the claim.

Most of Nam Joo-hyuk's alumni claimed that Mr. A's claims of extortion of mobile phones, payment of unauthorized paid products, coercion of sparring with friends, and so-called bread shuttle were not true.

In light of the decisive corporal punishment and learning atmosphere of the teachers at the time, Nam Joo-hyuk's allegations of bullying by Mr. A seem far from the truth.

Dan A did not reveal his position of rebuttal despite the objections of Nam Joo-hyuk and his classmates, so doubts remain as to whether Nam Joo-hyuk was sexually assaulted.

Meanwhile, Park Tae-gyu and Hong Seong-man, teachers who were in charge of Nam Joo-hyuk's first and third year of high school, revealed their real names, respectively, emphasizing that Nam Joo-hyuk's allegations of bullying were not true.

Teacher Park Tae-gyu said, "Nam Joo-hyuk was a positive and enterprising child, and he had a sense of justice. There were no children who hated Joo-hyuk (male), and he did not bully anyone." It was even more so because he was a teacher. I will bet my confidence in the life of a teacher.”

3rd grade homeroom teacher Hong Seong-man also remembered Nam Joo-hyuk as “a good and moderately active student.” “He was one of the coolest male students who helped his friends and studied well, but received a lot of praise for his character and personality. ." he pointed out.

A classmate B, who was previously known as a friend of Mr. A, told a media outlet, "Nam Joo-hyuk harassed him by throwing a sharp core in the back seat, and he hung out with the Iljin crowd and ordered the so-called 'bread shuttle' to buy bread from the kiosk." claimed that

Person A also revealed, "Nam Joo-hyuk borrowed a mobile phone and paid for it, so it was difficult, and he should have had an unwanted fight by sparring with another friend."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)