[Concurrent] Liu Qin, volunteer partner of Love Kitchen

  Li Peng has helped many, many children, and he has gone through all the difficulties, but now his child is in trouble. This child is also very good. He is a child who likes to draw and is very painful. , so we must help them.

  [Explanation] Recently, there is a special watermelon charity stall next to Shandong Provincial Hospital. The watermelons here are donated by enthusiastic people for free, and all the income obtained is used to pay the leukemia treatment expenses of Li Peng's daughter Qianyi.

  [Explanation] Li Peng is the initiator of the first caring kitchen in the country. Since 2017, he has been working hard to maintain the operation of the caring kitchen. In more than five years, he has provided free kitchens and free lunches to more than 3,000 families of patients, accumulatively helping More than 100,000 passengers.

  [Concurrent] Wei Shubin, a family member of the patient

  As soon as a child is diagnosed with leukemia, we, as parents, can’t accept this reality. It’s very ignorant and the blow is quite big, so we shut ourselves up. Even if no one wants to talk to anyone, we feel bored and want to cry. We cry every day. Let me introduce, I knew about the love kitchen, came to the love kitchen, met Li Peng, he enlightened me, our patients often chat together, talk about the condition, precautions, and understand the disease step by step, slowly I accept it.

  [Commentary] Li Peng's caring kitchen has brought warmth and hope to the families of many patients. When they learned that Li Peng's daughter's condition had relapsed, the families of these patients who had the same difficult life bought watermelons from their own pockets and organized a charity sale to raise money for Li Peng's daughter Qianyi. Medical expenses.

After learning about the situation, Mr. Wang from Qingzhou donated 100,000 catties of watermelon for free.

Many units learned about the situation and actively bought watermelons.

  [Explanation] 10,000 catties of watermelons were sold out in less than 2 hours. From 5:00 in the morning, the volunteers were busy until 9:00. After selling this batch of watermelons, the volunteers began to contact the watermelon farmers and plan to deliver new ones. A batch of watermelons comes over and sells one more melon, and there is more hope for Qianyi's disease to be cured.

  [Concurrent] Chi Ning, Secretary of the Party Branch of Shandong Zechen Law Firm

  We bought a total of more than 1,000 kilograms of watermelon this time, mainly because we thought that everyone would give a little love and do a little bit of their own efforts.

Then we will send these watermelons to this nearby sanitation center.

Because the weather is relatively hot, let everyone feel it and pass on this love.

  [Explanation] The reporter interviewed Li Peng, who is taking care of his daughter in Langfang, Hebei. Li Peng said that the caring kitchen has become a big warm family.

  [Concurrent] Li Peng, founder of Love Kitchen

  They also know how to be grateful. Like we helped them at the beginning, they gradually joined in to help the newcomers. Let’s help each other in a warm place.

If you have experienced it yourself, you can understand it better. Thinking about the situation in the future, if you have the ability, maybe you will set up a special emergency relief fund of this kind, so that he (the patient's family) can be emergency.

  [Concurrent] Liu Qin, volunteer partner of Love Kitchen

  In fact, to put it a little bigger, it turned out that in 2018, when Mr. Bai Yansong interviewed Li Peng, he once said that if every hospital (for treating serious diseases) has such a loving kitchen, this society will It will become warmer and more harmonious.

  Reported by Qi Jianyue and Wang Feng from Jinan, Shandong

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]