La Foir'fouille would have touched "the bottom of the bottom" as suggested by the account "Pépite Sexiste" on Facebook?

The discount store chain is singled out for having marketed a “little influencer kit” on June 27.

Intended for girls "from three years old", it offers so-called influencer accessories.

A toy that some consider sexist, reports BFMTV.

The kit, which we see on the latest edition of the catalog, has been widely commented on on social networks.

The case includes a camera, car keys, curlers, two bracelets, a pair of glasses and earrings.

All accessories are pink.

No kit for boys

Internet users believe that this toy is reductive.

On the one hand, encouraging young girls to identify with influencers can raise questions.

On the other hand, the toy discredits this new profession.

Many people also wonder why there isn't a similar kit for boys.

Questioned by TF1, the Foir'Fouille confirms that the kit is well sold in 60 of its stores, but also "other distribution brands".

The brand indicates that it did not design the toy and defends itself from any “value judgment on the profession” of influencer.

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