It's called


and it's the pill they claim to cure hangovers.

From this Monday it is already marketed in

the United Kingdom

and promises what everyone who goes out to party dreams of: waking up without a hangover.

According to



The Times



's makers , Swedish drugmaker

De Faire Medical

, claim that taking two pills at least an hour before starting to drink will result in "up to 70% of alcohol being broken down after 60 minutes", and is the "first product in history to effectively break down alcohol".

De Faire Medical

invented the pills in 1990 and has been doing more research on them ever since, according to their website.

The pills contain a "science-based formulation" of bacteria,


, an amino acid found, for example, in tuna and oatmeal, and vitamin


, found in meat, eggs, and milk. , among other sources.

The hangover supplement is currently only available to buy online, at

£30 for 30 pills

, and consists of two pills.

The first pill is designed to be taken 12 hours before drinking, while the second pill should be taken one hour before drinking begins.

The makers of

Myrkl say the pill combats the onset of hangovers by activating

Bacillus subtilis


Bacillus coagulans






in the gut, before the alcohol reaches the liver.

They then work together to break down the alcohol into water and carbon dioxide, with minimal production of acetaldehyde or acetic acid.

"As the first time in history that a consumer product has been shown to break down alcohol effectively and quickly, we are very excited to launch this innovative product in the


and most European markets," said

Håkan .


, CEO of De Faire, in a statement, quoted by the


newspaper .



's purpose is to help moderate drinkers wake up feeling their best the next day, whether they are workers looking for a moment of relaxation, parents or seniors who want to maintain an active social life," he added.

"Independent clinical trials show how powerful this product is in breaking down alcohol," he added.

Both species of bacteria included in the


pill are probiotic bacteria that are believed to be healthy for digestion.

B. coagulans

is found naturally in kimchi and yogurt.

For its part,


​​is sometimes touted as a hangover cure, however there is no strong evidence that this is true.

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