The fire that broke out at the distribution center in Ami Town, Ibaraki Prefecture on the 30th of last month was extinguished on the evening of the 5th, 5 days after the outbreak.

According to police and fire departments, at around 6:50 pm on the 30th of last month, the fire department was notified that a fire had broke out from the distribution center of "SBS Fleck" in Hoshinosato, Ami-cho.

The fire spread over a wide area of ​​the building, and the insulation between the outer and inner walls continued to burn, and the fire was extinguished five days before 5 pm, five days after the outbreak.

On the day of the fire, a man in his 40s at a subcontractor was taken to a hospital complaining of sore throat, and on the 2nd of this month, a 41-year-old male firefighter who was working to extinguish the fire was taken on suspicion of heat stroke. However, there is no difference in life.

According to investigators and others, when the fire broke out, work was being done to install insulation inside the distribution center.

From the 6th onward, the police and fire department will conduct a live observation to investigate the cause of the fire in detail.