• The Cévennes National Park regrets that more and more videos showing violations of the regulations on the site are circulating on social networks.

  • Among these big nonsense, the roasting of marshmallows, campfires, the use of drones or the walking of dogs not kept on a leash.

  • The management of the park calls the influencers to order, and asks the platforms to act so that this type of behavior is no longer put forward.

A new, particularly invasive species is growing like mushrooms in the Cévennes National Park, in Occitanie: influencers.

And the management of the natural site is particularly pissed off.

Because it happens that some of their posts show to thousands, even to tens of thousands of Internet users, violations of the regulations.

This jeopardizes this fragile ecosystem.

First, campfires, which pose a great risk of fires.

“We are going through an episode of intense drought, and this summer is one of all the dangers concerning the risk of fires, deplores Anne Legile, the director of the Cévennes National Park.

However, we are witnessing a resurgence of videos where we can see, for example, a father and his son cooking marshmallows on Mount Aigoual, seasoned hikers bivouacking around a campfire near the pond from Barrandon…”

Dogs and drones

Another unfortunately common offense is the use of drones, which can frighten animals, or collide with birds.

Or unleashed dogs.

"We are one of the few national parks to accept dogs, but it is imperative to keep them on a leash," continues the site director.

These regulations are essential to protect the fauna and flora of the Park.

A simple encounter can be enough to dislodge a family of protected birds, rare insects, small and large emblematic mammals.

In addition, the herds are numerous and the cohabitation with the sheep and their patou, particularly reactive and jealous, can prove to be conflicting.


All these behaviors, continues Anne Legile, are "irresponsible because they risk encouraging other people to reproduce these offenses".

Beyond calling on influencers to reason, the Languedoc park is asking YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and “all the social networks that host this content to take action and remove it as soon as possible.

There is too much at stake to ignore but our requests and reports remain unanswered at this time”.

There is no question, for the park, of castigating “the initiatives which aim to highlight the territory as well as its exceptional biodiversity”.

But to remind influencers that there are crucial rules "to help preserve these riches".


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