The moon beckons a person.

The moon drives a person crazy - it is no coincidence that crazy people are called lunatics.

And every developed country wants to leave a mark there.

And even director Kubrick.

We know about everything about the lunar programs of the USSR and the USA.

But there is also China, whose space exploits have not yet been sung by Russian journalists for quite understandable reasons.

Firstly, because it is probably not interesting for the Russian reader.

Secondly, the feeling of envy rings and aches.

So that it doesn’t hurt, we somehow don’t really spread about them.

And one more problem - while you write the names of Chinese spacecraft and stations, you will definitely make mistakes as thick as a dictionary. 

But nonetheless.

The first lunar satellite, Chang'e-1, was launched in 2007 and operated until 2009.

The data he collected allowed Chinese scientists to create, in particular, the first heat map of the moon.

Ok, we are also very happy and have been practicing all these years to say the name "Chang'e" out loud, whatever that means.

But from the latest achievements of this space kung fu: “On November 24, 2020, China launched the Chang'e-5 return vehicle, on December 1 it landed in a given area on the visible side of the moon.

With the help of a drilling device and a manipulator with a bucket, lunar soil was collected, which was placed in a special compartment of the module for take-off.

The entire mission took 23 days.

The Chang'e-5 probe delivered 1,731 g of lunar samples to Earth.

This is the first spacecraft in 44 years sent behind the Moon's soil.

China became the third country after the USA and the USSR who could carry out such a mission.”

The next mission is scheduled for 2024: China intends to launch the Chang'e-6 probe to collect samples in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, located on the far side of the moon.

And then the Americans broke.

The fact is that the Chinese are going to build a prototype lunar research station there.

It will consist of several probes in lunar orbit and on the surface of the Moon, and will be capable of conducting scientific and technological research on the Earth's natural satellite, as well as testing technologies for the development and use of lunar resources.

It was at the word "resources" that Americans began to lose their scientific intelligence.

And space solidarity like "Soyuz" - "Apollo".

In the publication Bild, banned in the Russian Federation, for a German audience, the head of NASA Bill Nelson (79 years old boy - what do they have now, all Biden's ages?) Decided to sound the alarm.

That's what it says: 'NASA-Chef schlägt Alarm'.

And what worries the head of NASA?

Then comes a set of remarkable nonsense: "The Chinese want to occupy the moon", "There is a new race for space - this time with China."

The first NASA astronauts will go to the moon in 2025, and for the first time, they will include a woman.

But Beijing's plans are already going beyond the US: China plans its own lunar base - together with Russia!

It should be ready in 2035.

If everything works out, then taikonauts (as astronauts from China are called) "will be able to conduct experiments on the moon from 2036."

NASA chief Nelson categorically disagrees with this development: "We should be very concerned that China could land on the moon and say, 'Now it's ours, don't go there.'

It’s strange, of course: why neither the USA nor the USSR did this, and why China will definitely declare the Moon its province - and the First Lunar War will break out.

Americans of age have their own special logic, and we have long lost the thread of their thoughts and narratives.

Americans, in particular, are worried about the south pole of the moon: it is assumed that there are deposits of water that in the future can be used to produce rocket fuel.

This means that whoever controls the south side of the moon has an important base in space.

And possibly power. 

For Bill Nelson, it's clear anyway: "China's space program is a military space program."

And here the Chinese are already tired of being hanged on all the dogs and stigmatizing their space program.

"The United States should stop vilifying China's space program," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing on Monday.

Dear comrade Lijian, do not pay attention to what almost 80-year-old US gerontocrats say.

Because Bill Nelson has so much nothing to do in this NASA that he speaks out on any issue outside of his competence absolutely.

So, in May, he raised his voice against school “shootings”.

He contracted covid five days ago and is now a distinguished microbiologist. 

And so on.

Today, at least in America, you don’t need to listen to two people: one is J. Biden, the other is B. Nelson.

No, three - more Kamalu Harris.

But not because of age, but because it is nonsense.

(Although after I discovered the existence of the Senate woman Diana Feishtein, 88 years old, who has been sitting and defending the electoral democracy of the change of power since 1992, the world will no longer be the same. Both lunar and sublunar.)

These old men can make a world fire on the moon, as it turned out.

So hold on, Chinese comrade.

This is an imperialist provocation.

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