Louise Bernard and Solène Delinger 11:20 a.m., July 05, 2022

Diam's returns to the front of the stage and sparks.

After several years spent away from the media system, the former rapper confided in "Salam", a documentary screened for two days at the cinema.

The short film attracted more than 90,000 people and even dethroned "Top Gun", the blockbuster with Tom Cruise.

It's a winning comeback for Diam's.

With 90,000 admissions in just two days, his documentary


won over a wide audience.

Friday, it was even the most seen film in the cinema with 50,000 admissions, ahead of

Top Gun Maverick

, in theaters for several weeks. 

A "young, fairly feminine and diverse" audience

As explained to the


Guillaume Lacroix, co-founder of Brut and producer of Salam, the public was "young, quite feminine, very diverse".

This programming at the cinema was a kind of preview.

The documentary was screened for two single days because it will then be broadcast in the fall on Brut X, the platform that produced the film.



 was a good launching pad", indicated in 

Le Parisien

 Philippe Godeau, who distributed the documentary.

"The film also brought in people who had lost the habit of going to the cinema."

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20 million views for his interview with Augustin Trapenard

One thing is certain: Diam's attracts crowds.

His interview with Augustin Trapenard for Brut has accumulated no less than 20 million views.

And the one it granted to

Sept à Huit

, on TF1, offered a very good audience for the show, notably with a season record for a very important commercial target for the channel: women under 50 responsible for purchases. .