Details of a horrific crime in Jordan.. He killed his two daughters and buried them in the vicinity of the house

The Jordanian authorities revealed the details of the horrific Ramtha crime, which resulted in the killing of two girls at the hands of their father, confirming the arrest of the accused.

The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate explained to a number of daily newspapers that “information received from the Ramtha District Police Directorate from a woman of Arab nationality that her divorced woman, who suffers from mental illness and lives in the Ramtha District, has been abusing and beating her four sons continuously, and that she fears for their lives.”

And he stated that "immediately upon receiving this information, the move was taken to the place and the arrest of that person, and by searching for his four children, he found only two of them inside the house (a juvenile and a girl), and by listening to their statements, they confirmed that their father beat them constantly, and that during the previous days he caused the killing of their two sisters (9 years, 12 years old), after beating them violently with a stick (a stick), and burying them around the house.”

And the media spokesperson indicated that “by interrogating the accused, he confessed that ten days ago he hit one of his daughters with a stick, which led to her death, and he buried her in the vicinity of the house, while days later he hit the other, who also died as a result of the beating and threw her into a hole next to the home".

The media spokesman confirmed that "the public prosecutor and the forensic doctor were immediately informed and summoned, and the bodies of the two girls were taken out and transferred to forensic medicine, while the other two children were sent to the hospital to examine them and follow up on their health and psychological condition, and the investigation is still ongoing."

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