China News Service, July 5th. According to the China government website, Mr. Zhang from Pu'er City reported through the State Council's "Internet + Supervision" platform that the No. 4 Middle School in Simao District divided smart classes and traditional classes based on whether to buy tablet computers. Students in smart classes Need to spend 5800 yuan to buy a tablet.

  After receiving the relevant message, the inspection room of the State Council will, after preliminary verification, transfer it to the relevant local government for verification and handling in a timely manner.

  The Yunnan Provincial Government immediately organized an inspection after receiving the clue of the problem transferred from the State Office Supervision Office.

After verification, the situation reported by the public is true.

Starting from the fall semester of 2020, the No. 4 Middle School in Simao District, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province will divide the newly enrolled seventh-grade students into smart classes and ordinary classes based on whether to buy a tablet computer. 719 students in 14 smart classes are required to pay 5,800 yuan / Set of standard purchase of tablet computers, supporting equipment and resource services.

As of the time of inspection, 719 students have paid 3,400 yuan each (including tablet computers, supporting equipment and resource service fees for the first academic year), with a total fee of 2,444,600 yuan.

  The above behavior violates the "Opinions on Further Strengthening and Regulating the Management of Educational Fees" (Jiao Cai [2020] No. 5) issued by the Ministry of Education and other five departments, "should not force or imply that students and parents purchase designated teaching aid software or materials" and the Ministry of Education In the “Opinions on Guiding and Regulating the Orderly and Healthy Development of Educational Mobile Internet Applications” (Jiaojihan [2019] No. 55) by eight other departments, “Educational mobile applications that are required to be used uniformly as teaching and management tools shall not be charged any fees from students and parents. “Expenses” regulations have increased the burden on students’ families.

  The relevant departments of Pu'er City have ordered the school to immediately stop the illegal charging behavior, cancel the separation of smart classes and ordinary classes, and urge the school to refund all 2.4446 million yuan of illegal charges to 719 students, and take back tablet computers, supporting equipment and teaching resources. For unified teaching use.

At the same time, the Simao District Education Bureau held a special meeting on the education system of the whole district to report and criticize the violations of the Fourth Middle School.