Specialized in the production of proteins and natural fertilizers for insects, the company Ÿnsect has been authorized by the European Food Safety Authority to produce and market its Buffalo beetles.

In a press release published on Monday, the company founded in 2011 in Amiens (Somme) welcomed this decision.

It officially makes these insects fit for human consumption.

Ÿnsect must however still obtain the final marketing authorization, issued by the Directorate General for Health of the European Commission, indicates

Courrier Picard


With 300 employees and 350 registered patents, the company intends to eventually flood the European market.

A giant factory farm in 2023

As part of this project, the world's largest vertical insect protein farm factory is being built in Poulainville (Somme).

Called Ynfarm, the structure should make it possible to produce more than 100,000 tonnes per year by creating 500 jobs.

Its inauguration is announced for 2023.


EU gives green light to consumption of 'mealworms'


Will insects really be this often heralded “food of the future”?

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