The documentary


, on the former star rapper Diam's, had the right to an exceptional theatrical release on July 1 and 2, a great operation since the film attracted more than 90,000 spectators, indicated Tuesday the Brut platform which produces the documentary.

More precisely: 90,096 spectators in two days in 186 cinemas in France, mainly in the regions, with an average of 500 admissions per cinema.

The most viewed film at the cinema on Friday

Significant attendance figures which also benefited from the Film Festival, from Sunday to Wednesday, and its 4 euro tickets.

By way of comparison,


by Michel Hazanavicius, with Romain Duris, and

Brother and Sister

by Arnaud Desplechin, with Marion Cotillard, two French films presented at the Cannes Film Festival, respectively attracted 100,000 and 73,000 spectators in 7 days, during their first week in theaters.


, "peace" in Arabic, was even "the most seen in theaters on Friday July 1, thus propelling it to No. 1 at the box office", underlines Brut in its press release.

In the documentary that she co-directed, Diam's comes out of a 12-year media silence to deliver her truth and talk about her suicide attempts, her internment, her conversion to Islam and her foundation dedicated to orphans in Mali... Apart from an incursion into an empty Zenith in Paris, the film is not about music.

The 40-year-old presents herself veiled and covered from head to toe.

The film is split into two parts: the unhappiness of showbiz times and the aftermath.

The film will be broadcast in September on the paid online platform BrutX.

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