China News Service, Suzhou, July 4th (Reporter Zhong Sheng) The ancient capital of six dynasties, the capital of ten generations, the capital of fraternity, the international city of peace... The historical city of Nanjing has many names.

But in the view of Xue Bing, a famous writer known as "Xue Jinling", "The Capital of World Literature" is the most famous title in Nanjing.

  Xue Bing appeared at the Jiangsu Book Fair on the 4th, and explained in detail how the ancient capital of China's six dynasties is the world's literary capital based on the monographs about Nanjing that he has created over the years.

  In October 2019, Nanjing was listed as the world's "literature capital" by UNESCO, becoming the first Chinese city to be listed as the world's "literary capital".

In Xue Bing's view, Nanjing deserves to be the "first in China".

He explained that during the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the world was in turmoil, and the north was caught in repeated wars. A large number of scholars traveled south in clothing and gathered in Nanjing, which became an important fulcrum for the continuation of Chinese culture.

The earliest literary norms in China were also established in Nanjing.

  "In Nanjing, the first monograph on literary theory in the history of Chinese literature, "Wen Xin Diao Long", the first poetry review monograph "Poems", and the earliest existing literary collection "Anthology" were born, laying a solid foundation for Chinese literary theory. The first zhiren novel "Shi Shuo Xin Yu" marked the beginning of the novel's focus from ghosts and gods to living people; the Guozixue in the Southern Song Dynasty set up a special literature museum, and literary education began to appear; idyllic poetry, landscape poetry, etc. The form of poetry flourished for a while, and on the basis of the previous four-character poems and five-character poems, seven-character poems began to develop, and the appearance of phonology played an extremely important role in the development of poetic rhythm, all of which laid the foundation for the glory of Tang poetry.” Xue Ice said.

  Since then, although Nanjing has suffered repeated wars, the cultural context has lasted for thousands of years and has never been cut off.

Li Bai's "Phoenix Goes to Taikong and River Artesian Flow", Liu Yuxi's "Old Wang Xietang Qianyan", Du Mu's "Smoke cage cold water and moon cage sand" Qinhuai glimpse... In the Tang Dynasty, Jinling nostalgic became a literary motif, and the famous article is good There are endless sentences, and there are well-known idioms and allusions such as "childhood sweethearts", "the finishing touch" and "two little ones without guessing".

  The Southern Tang Dynasty was the first time that Nanjing returned to the status of the capital after the Six Dynasties. Although it only enjoyed the country for thirty-eight years, the second master of the Southern Tang Dynasty wrote "Flowers fall and spring goes away, heaven and earth" and "How much sorrow can you have?" "It's like a river of spring water flows eastward" and other famous phrases were widely sung, which played a linking role for the vigorous development of Ci in the Song Dynasty.

  During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, civil literature was on the rise.

Kong Shangren's "Peach Blossom Fan", Li Yu's "Leisurely Love", Wu Jingzi's "Confucian History" and one of the four famous novels "A Dream of Red Mansions", etc., were either completed in Nanjing or have a deep connection with Nanjing.

In modern times, Yu Guangzhong, Zhu Ziqing and other literary masters have left their ink marks in Nanjing.

American female writer Pearl Buck even wrote the novel "The Earth", which won the Nobel Prize for Literature, in Nanjing, and Nanjing's literary charm began to spread overseas.

  Xue Bing believes: "Although Nanjing has an important position in the history of literature, as the capital of literature, the most important thing is not to show off its past glory, but to spread and share literature, so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of literature."

  According to Xue Bing, at present, Nanjing's literary publishing work ranks among the best in the country; so far, more than 600 private reading clubs have been registered, ranking first in the country; there are many high-quality bookstores in the city, and Pioneer Bookstore has been selected for many times. The most beautiful bookstore in the world".

The ancient city of Nanjing, in the construction of the capital of literature, has always been in the present.