The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will digitize and store undisclosed materials that remain in the warehouse, such as the remains and testimony videos of those who were killed in the bombing of Tokyo, which killed about 100,000 people. , We will consider how to publish it in the future.

77 years ago, in the bombing of Tokyo before dawn on March 10, 1945, the bombing of the United States caused devastating damage mainly in downtown areas, killing about 100,000 people.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government had a policy of developing facilities to hand down the air raids, but the plan remains frozen due to the conflict in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly over the contents of the exhibition.

Approximately 5,000 items such as the remains of the victims who were scheduled to be exhibited at the facility and testimony videos for 330 experienced people may be exhibited for a short period of time, but most of them were stored in the warehouse. It is left.

Under these circumstances, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided to digitize and store the collected relics and testimony images so as not to fade the memories of the war, saying that the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia has raised the awareness of the people of the city to peace. became.

Some members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly have called for the widespread disclosure of relics and testimony videos, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government should carefully consider specific methods and how to consider personal information. I am doing it.