Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke online at a university in Tokyo on the 4th, telling students about peace and saying, "I sincerely hope that you will only use weapons through verbal communication in the future."

President Zelensky's online lecture was given at Toyo University in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, because he signed an academic exchange agreement with a Ukrainian university after the military invasion by Russia and accepted more than 10 international students. It means that it was done.

Since this is the first lecture for Japan since the Diet speech in March, more than 350 students, faculty and staff, international students from Ukraine, etc. gathered at the venue, and online to 14 universities nationwide. It was delivered.

In his speech, President Zelensky talked about peace: "Peaceful skies without missiles and bombs, unbroken homes, undead families and those around them are actually great graces, and for us it is a miracle. Is fighting with weapons to make it a reality again. For humans, a normal society, a normal country, a normal peace, this is what Ukraine is trying to protect. "

In the question and answer session, when an international student from Ukraine asked what he could do for his home country, President Zelensky said, "The knowledge you gain in Japan will be useful for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Participate in the reconstruction when you return to Ukraine. Please do it. "

Also, when a Japanese student asked about his strength and current thoughts, he said, "Weapons are not only for combat, but also for the information provision I am doing, the world leaders, and the impact on the international community. I sincerely hope that you will only use weapons through verbal communication in the future. "

The recording of the lecture on the 4th is available on the Toyo University website.