After 52 years of hard work, Fat Tiger is about to release an album

  A singer, it took 52 years to finally debut.

The first stage of debut... It may be up to the "fans" of Nobita and Doraemon to pay for it. Can you guess who this singer is?

The answer is obvious.

  In the famous anime "Doraemon" series, Fat Tiger has a dream of being a singer. Although he is a tone-deaf person, he is keen to sing, and he often forces Nobita, Shizuko and Xiaofu to watch his personal "concert" ".

What does such a person really look like on the stage?

  Recently, the "Doraemon" movie officially released a video preview. Fat Tiger sang passionately in the video, and the light sticks shined under the stage.

It was officially announced that after 52 years of hard work, Fat Tiger will officially debut as a singer and will release an album on August 24.

  It's hard for a singer to learn to sing a fat tiger

  According to the official news of "Doraemon", the official announcement of Fat Tiger's debut is on June 15, Fat Tiger's birthday, and the debut date is set for July 20, and two songs "Giant Dream" will be released on the same day ( Great Dreams) and "I am Giant Samada!

2022" (I'm a big guy! 2022).

Not only that, but Fat Tiger's debut album will also be released on August 24.

  Of course, the "voice" behind Fat Tiger is still the seiyuu Kimura Subaru who plays him, and "The Great Dream" is a song written and sung by Kimura Subaru himself.

Another song "I am a big man!

2022" is an updated version of Fat Tiger's masterpiece, also sung by Kimura Subaru.

And Kimura Subaru "lived up to expectations", singing as unpleasant as the official seal.

  In fact, it is hard to say that this is not Kimura Subaru deliberately imitating Fat Tiger's singing method, because Kimura himself is by no means so unbearable, and his singing strength can be said to have reached the level of a singer.

  Kimura Subaru was born in Germany and is of mixed Japanese and German descent. His father was a German opera singer and his mother was a Japanese vocalist.

After returning to Japan at the age of 7, Kimura Subaru has been active on the stage and joined a children's theater group.

As a "second generation of vocal music", Kimura Subaru is not only good at violin, but also has some research on vocal music.

In addition, he is also a super rap fan. He formed a rap group with his friends when he was in middle school. He is still a rapper, has released his own album, and won a seiyuu singing award.

On social media, he sang a song "Thinking out loud" that shocked the audience and made fans sigh: "Obviously he sings very well, but he has to learn how to sing so badly."

  Who will pay for the 125 yuan album

  For Fat Tiger's debut, the planners spent a lot of thought.

  The title of the two songs played the "homonymous stem".

The pronunciation of Fat Tiger's name is actually "Jian", and the Roman pronunciation is Gian. "Giant Dream" is to add a "t" after Gian, which means "huge, great" in English.

Not only that, but the planners also released an album for Fat Hu called "Jian'an's Super Concert".

According to the Japanese animation website, the album will include these two new songs by Fat Tiger, as well as some singles sung by his friends.

  The album is priced at 2,530 yen, which is about a little more than 125 yuan.

Although the price is not expensive, until other singers' songs are not released, it is difficult to say that the money will be worth it.

  Then, the meaning behind the production company's launch of this derivative is worth thinking about.

Although some people speculate whether this is preparation for Fat Tiger to become a virtual idol, but from the audience of Fat Tiger, it is unlikely to be a virtual idol.

From the perspective of possibility, this derivative may be done by the production company in order to save the IP of "Doraemon". Raemon's big movie has never achieved such good results.

And this IP has been in use for more than 50 years. If you want to create greater glories, it must be combined with the current fashion trends and use new technologies and means to achieve new expansion.

  Therefore, even if Fat Tiger's singing is like a "nuclear bomb", it is a new attempt by the producer, and it is still worth looking forward to.

And will there be more catchy songs on this album?

We'll find out on August 24th.

  Cover reporter Yan Wenwen