Group Coyote members Kim Jong-min and Shinji revealed their past relationship history.

In SBS 'My Little Old Boy', which was broadcast on the 3rd, Kim Jong-min, Shinji, and Dindin-Jo Hyun-young, who were representative of the entertainment industry's 'boyfriend-girl-friend' relationship, went on a fishing trip together.

While fishing and eating ramen together, they exposed each other's love affair.

First, Shinji said, "Jongmin oppa hides all of his girlfriends. He's never shown them before, but he's caught up with me." He said, "Every time he pretends not to be, just looking at his actions, he can see that he's in a relationship."

He added, "I act like I'm not on the phone (my girlfriend).

Kim Jong-min said, "Do you think it's just me? I saw (Shinji talking on the phone) on the phone and thought it was a baby. He spoke respectfully," and said about Shinji, who is full of aegyo to his lover.

Shinji then explained, "One time, my girlfriend was at her house first. I asked where the remote control was."

Kim Jong-min was greatly embarrassed by Shinji's specific comment.

Shinji said, "I've heard everything. There are a million things like this. But that's what it contains. I'm going to blow it up like this once in a while."

Kim Jong-min was surprised by Shinji, who knew a lot, saying, "I still thought we were dating well without knowing it all."

Then, while they were playing the truth game, '

Did you ever think that your friend's lover was worse than me?'

It was Kim Jong-min and Din-Din who put 'YES' answers here.

DinDin said, "What kind of girl do you meet?" Jo Hyun-young's ex-boyfriend was not good, and Kim Jong-min also said to Shinji, "That person was so bad. It made the scene go wild.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)