[Explanation] The person in the picture is named Su Zhengmin, 24 years old this year, a Yi guy from Liangshan, Sichuan, who graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law this year.

Recently, in the thank you section at the end of his graduation thesis, he used more than 6,000 words to review his "up and down" but "hopeful" study path, and thanked 65 people who helped him.

  [Concurrent] Su Zhengmin

  At that time, I was free for two nights, and I simply wrote some things in the library, so there are still many people I want to thank, and I have always kept in mind the help everyone has given me.

  [Explanation] When the reporter saw Su Zhengmin on July 2, he was packing his luggage. He had already signed up for the postgraduate teaching group and was going back to Liangshan to teach for a year.

He is determined to return to Liangshan after graduation.

  [Concurrent] Su Zhengmin

  Along the way, too many people have given me too much care and help, and my mother has always taught me that if someone gives you a bowl of rice, you have to give back a bag of rice to others, and so on. For me, go back to the mountains. , I feel that there is more need for me there, and I can do more for my hometown.

  [Commentary] When Su Zhengmin was 15 years old, his father died, and he dropped out of school because of his family's poverty.

After the local government learned about the situation, it applied for minimum living allowances and provided stipends for him, so that he could return to school.

In 2017, Su Zhengmin was admitted to Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, fulfilling his university dream.

During his college years, he also received a series of policy assistance such as interest-free student loans and state grants.

Su Zhengmin said that without everyone's help, there would be no self today.

  [Concurrent] Su Zhengmin

  I hope that on the day I die, others' evaluation of me is that this is a person who has done practical things and a person who is useful to society. That's enough.

  [Explanation] During college, Su Zhengmin actively participated in voluntary public welfare activities, donated blood 32 times, joined the bone marrow bank, and signed the organ donation agreement... In 2019, Su Zhengmin launched the "Ayi Student Aid Program", which raised more than 120,000 yuan in grants and funding 66 difficult students.

In 2020, with the help of the college, the "Su Zhengmin Volunteer Service Team" and the Ayi Special Fund for Student Aid raised a total of more than 400,000 yuan of public welfare funds to carry out a series of educational public welfare projects such as public welfare bookstores, summer camps, and big hands holding little hands for left-behind and disadvantaged children in Liangshan.

  [Concurrent] Su Zhengmin

  For our children in the mountains, reading may be the best way to change our destiny, change ourselves and change our family, so we also want to do our best to do a little thing for the children in Liangshan who used to be like ourselves. I took out a little money from my part-time job to help some disadvantaged students in my hometown, but then more and more help was needed, and my strength was too small and insignificant. Then I discussed with my teachers and classmates and launched this Ayizu Learn the plan and use our collective strength to help the children in Liangshan who need some help.

  [Explanation] Su Zhengmin said that in Yi language, Soma flower means "alpine azalea", which is a flower that can grow beautifully even under difficult conditions.

In his heart, the children of Liangshan are all Soma flowers.

Su Zhengmin said that he hoped to do his best to protect them, Doushuang and Aoxue, and light up the education path of more Liangshan children.

  [Concurrent] Su Zhengmin

  My ultimate goal is to contribute a little bit of my strength to the development and advancement of my hometown. This is my goal and original intention.

  Reporter Zou Hao reports from Wuhan, Hubei

Responsible editor: [Yu Xiao]