Joachim Sauer should be doing pretty well at the moment.

At least when he looked at the photos taken by the so-called women's program on the sidelines of the G-7 summit: it's hard to imagine that Angela Merkel's husband would have enjoyed meeting the politician's wives on a Nordic ski run led by former skier Christian Neureuther - Embark on a walking tour.

Jorg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

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explains that he explained a lot to the ladies: "Bavaria is a paradise, orchids and alpine roses, orchids and forest hyacinths grow here." There's nothing like international understanding in the fresh air, even if the communication may have been challenging : “This is a forest hyacinth.

And look here, a boy cabbage." Neureuther, however, enthuses: "I fell in love with the four women." So it's a matter of time before the first sweetheart brings the title story: "Rosi Mittermaier - how can he do that to her ?

Her husband loves four others."

Casual smile

The politicians themselves were not stingy with their emotions either.


observed how

"Joe Biden gently stroked Olaf Scholz's arm and nudged him like a friend".

Did Scholz knock back?

In any case, the chancellor, writes Franz Josef Wagner in the


-Zeitung, became "a different Olaf Scholz" at the summit: "You became great yourself as the host of the big ones.

You speak English fluently, you appear casual when you shake hands, when you smile.” We would love to appear casual when you smile, but we rarely have very tall guests.

Could Joe Biden drop in on us?

And, since your people read everything anyway: You, Putin, are of course not meant.

If you want to march in on us one day, don't count on a buddy-like nudge.

Another letter from Franz Josef Wagner tells about Boris Becker.

“His cell is the size of a shoe box.

A fellow inmate just hanged himself.

The smell in the prison is horrible.” Um: Can it be, Wagner, that you dramatize a bit?

Recently, nothing has been read about someone hanging themselves in Huntercombe prison.

But where the letter begins so spectacularly, we just want to continue it: “Boris gnaws sullenly at the dry edges that are so cheap as bread from the previous month in the prison bakery.

He hardly notices the afternoon exchanges of gunfire between the guards and the revolting drug lords.

The tunnel he started digging is already 3.25 meters deep, unfortunately he lost his spoon somewhere in the sand, but with fingernails and teeth it's not going too well either."

The questions

Frau im Spiegel

asks Hannelore Hoger are comparatively undramatic.

"What do you like to eat?" For example, or "Do you have favorite animals?" To which Hoger gives an amazingly sophisticated answer: "Oh yes.

I like mountain gorillas, lions, crows, ravens and elephants.

All clever animals.” We now intend to react in a similarly original way if we are ever asked about our favorite animal.

"The brown bush kangaroo" would come across well as an answer, although we don't know if this animal isn't perhaps a little stupid.

A southern gene

Hoger's colleague Christine Neubauer, who has just completed her sixth decade, is convinced in


: "I won't look like 60 until I'm 100." From which one could conclude that she currently certifies the appearance of a twenty-year-old.

When it comes to love and passion, Neubauer thinks he has a "southern gene" and can prove it: "I once did genealogical research in my family, and there was a question mark with some of the children when it came to their father.

Especially in the places where the Roman road passed.” Jealous husbands should be on the lookout for Romans passing through.


visited a bar in Emilia-Romagna

with actor Tom Wlaschiha and found: "The waiter is wearing a shirt with the inscription '#NoSpaghettiBolognese'.

A small gastro protest against local culinary conventions.” As Germans, we have to hope that this doesn't catch on.

We wouldn't find waiter shirts with "#NoSeparateInvoices" or "#It's not called LatteMaschiato" funny at all.

He met his wife while traveling, as he


Frau im Spiegel , Wolfgang Niedecken.

At Cologne Airport, he and his band “had a lot of fun because we had a cow skull with us for our performance, which we kept running through the baggage scanner.

This resulted in a long queue behind us, which also included my wife.” In other words: if you only let women wait long enough, will something happen?

In this logic, the long queues at our airports are to be welcomed: a number of romances are likely to begin there now.

And you don't even have to bring a cow skull.