It means "view" in Uyghur

Known as "Pear City" because of its rich fragrant pears

Korla today

It is a collection of western style and water town style.

A modern city

Photo by Licheng Meima Songjiang

Mr. Yi Zhongtian

Won the national "Top Ten Charming Cities" for Korla, Xinjiang

in the award speech

Described like this:

"This is a famous western city,

She fits all the imaginations of the West

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, deserts, lakes and grasslands,

The Peacock River passes through the city

But beyond people's imagination,

Row upon row of tall buildings,

Roads lead in all directions

It is the perfect combination of western style and contemporary style”

Photo by Gao Jinqiang of the clubhouse

spring breeze in March,

along the winding curve of the Tianshan Mountains

Follow the warm footsteps of the sun

Every April, the east wind comes together

Korla will become a sea of ​​pear blossoms

Photo by Yao Qian when the pear blossoms are blooming

"Suddenly like a spring breeze comes overnight, thousands of trees and thousands of pears bloom"

This is the famous poem of the Tang Dynasty poet

But the pear flower used to describe Korla

It also seems appropriate

Photo by Li Longwa

In the most prosperous season of pear blossoms

People of all ethnic groups in Korla

The annual "Pear Blossom Festival"

People of all ethnic groups

Take the sky as the curtain, the earth as the platform, and the pear blossom as the companion

Korla fragrant pear orchard.

Photo by Qiu Yong

With a cheerful rhythm,

Singing, dancing, kissing

The evening wind blows,

flicking people coming home from get off work

Pear blossoms in full bloom

Let them slow down their hurried pace

Pear blossoms are in full bloom in a corner of Korla city.

Photo by Yao Qian

come back at night,

Forget the hard work and exhaustion of the day

Entering a sweet dreamland in the fragrance of pear blossoms

blue sky, clear water

Row upon row of high-rise buildings, vehicles shuttle back and forth

The Swan River cruise is picturesque.

Photo by Yao Qian

Peacock River, Swan River, Rhododendron River, Egret River, Hongyan River

Like five jade belts connecting the whole city

Looking down from the sky, like a picture scroll

This is Korla in midsummer

The beautiful picture presented to us

Swan River Scenic Belt.

Photo by Qiu Yong

"The lotus leaves in the sky are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers in the sun are different red"

Lotus blooms in the wind in Dujuanhe Wetland Park

Red like fire, pink like Xia, white like snow

Attracting pedestrians and tourists to stop to watch and take pictures

Swan River Civic Center is beautiful at night.

Photo by Jin Lei

The Swan River Scenic Spot on a summer night is full of people

A boat roams along the river

People sit on a boat, as if entering a painting

not long to go,

You can also enjoy the beautiful music fountain

Listen to the world famous songs,

Sitting on a traditional Chinese painting boat

Makes me want to sing poetry

A corner of Korla city.

Photo by Wen Xinghua

The hot summer is coming, wait for the cool breeze of summer night

Bring your family or meet up with friends

Night tour of Peacock River and Swan River

Enjoy the unique night view of Korla together

Chat with friends and family

Enjoy a cozy summer time

Photo courtesy of Korla City Rong Media Center

Snow is the soul of winter, snow is for winter

The snow in Korla, not much, not much

everything is just right

Winter Elf.

Photo by Chen Jie

Snow is the wedding dress of the earth

It makes Korla shine

Standing proudly in the sky

If snow is the soul of winter

The swan is the city spirit of Korla

Tiemen Xiongguan.

Photo by Zhou Xinming

every winter

The Korla people will usher in batches after batches

Guests from far away from Bayinbulak Prairie


They settled in the Dujuan River and the Peacock River one after another

Snow-white fairy.

Photo by He Qiang

Hundreds of swans or cruising comfortably

Leave yourself a beautiful figure among the high-rise buildings in the blue sky

"Ecological elves" like swans

For 15 consecutive years, I have lived in harmony with people here.

Fall in love with a city because of a group of people

Korla people regard swans as a group of babies in need of care

Elf angel from the world of ice and snow

Even a group of old friends reunited after a long absence.

Swans come and don't want to go

Become another beautiful business card of Korla City

People and swans live in harmony.

Photo by Lin Jinrong

Korla today

It is a combination of western style and water town style.

modernized city

It has both the prosperity of the mainland city

And the tranquility of a frontier town

The historical origin of both Loulan civilization and Silk Road culture

A corner of Korla city.

Photo by Zhou Xinming

There are both Tianshan Mountain and the majestic Kunlun Mountains

There are also Peacock River and Swan River passing through the city.

The rippling blue waves and the soft beauty of boating on a moonlit night

Pastoral, snowy peaks, grasslands and desert scenery

complement each other

Photo courtesy of Korla City Rong Media Center

Both Korla fragrant pears are well-known at home and abroad

There are swans living in harmony with the general public

There are also 23 ethnic groups watching over each other

unity and harmony

Autumn scenery of Korla, Pear City.

Photo by Wei Yinhe


This city is everywhere

The temperament and style of the "five consecutive championships" in the national civilized city

The Rhododendron River at night.

Photo by Ma Songjiang

Speaking of Korla,

I have to say the mouth-watering pear

Entering September, Korla fragrant pears are ripe.

Photo by Yao Qian

Korla fragrant pear, pleasing color

Sweet and smooth, rich aroma

Thin skin, thin meat, crispy and refreshing

Juicy and less scum

Melt-in-the-mouth, durable storage and other features

Known as "Pears Treasures", "Prince of Fruits"

September is the season when fragrant pears are ripe.

Photo by Yao Qian

Because of its rich production of "Korla Fragrant Pear", which is well-known both at home and abroad

Hence the name "Pear City"

Korla City is also in Korla Fragrant Pear

It has the "Hometown of Chinese Korla Fragrant Pears"

The reputation of "the hometown of Chinese famous, special and excellent economic forest Korla fragrant pear"

Fragrant pears have also become the rich fruit of the local people!

Korla citizens taste fragrant pears in the pear garden.

Photo by Yao Qian

In this lifetime, you must come to Korla!

Tasting pears, enjoying the view,

Poetry and distance, everything you need...

Korla, waiting for you!

  Reporter: Wang Xiaojun