On June 8, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized on the employment of college graduates during his inspection in Sichuan: "Happy life is created by labor. Everyone must maintain an honest heart, look at personal conditions and social needs objectively, and choose careers and jobs based on reality. Position, love labor, down-to-earth, and grow up step by step in practice.”

  Today, more and more outstanding young students have seized the new opportunities in the new era and made contributions to the places where the motherland needs them most.

Some of them go deep into the grassroots and take root in the front line, and some apply what they have learned, innovate and start businesses, and write wonderful lives in the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream.

In this education edition, let us approach several college graduates and listen to their life choices and youth stories.


Changi College graduate Gadjela Habli

Retirement will not fade, dedicate your hometown with youth

  Reporter Ding Yasong

  "Standing at the intersection of life, I hope that I can still be like a soldier, brave to take responsibility and willing to contribute." Gadjela Habuli, a graduate of the Department of Economics and Management of Changji College, has lived in the military for 5 years, " Retirement does not fade" is a firm belief in her heart.

  Gadjela's hometown is in Jimunai County, Altay, Xinjiang, not far from the China-Kazakhstan border.

"Every time I walk through the border post, my family will always pay attention to it for a long time, and their eyes are full of respect." Gadjela said, "Wearing a military uniform has been my dream since I was a child."

  In his freshman year, when he saw the recruitment information, Gadjela immediately filled out the application.

After layers of selection, she crossed more than 3,500 kilometers from the northwest frontier to the blue sea and became the helmsman of a certain department of the Navy's Liaoning ship.

5km morning run, 100m swimming... Every training session, Gadjela gritted her teeth and worked hard to do her best.

"Being able to drive an aircraft carrier in the sea is an unforgettable experience in my life, and all the efforts are worth it." Gadjela said.

  During her military service, Gadjela solemnly submitted an application for party membership to the party organization. She wrote: "I come from the western border of the motherland. The Chinese Communist Party gave me the opportunity to receive higher education and become a soldier. Keeping it in my heart, I hope that I can join this glorious organization, listen to the party's words, appreciate the party's gratitude, and unswervingly follow the party."

  At the end of 2020, Gadgera ended his 5-year military career and returned to school to continue his studies.

She held more than 80 special seminars for her classmates to promote patriotism and help young students establish correct values; she came to the scenic spots in the Altay area to shoot cultural and tourism promotional videos to revitalize the local tourism industry; she joined the front line of epidemic prevention, distributing materials, measuring Body temperature... "I'm very proud to be able to give full play to my strengths and do something for my hometown and the people around me." Gadjela said.

  This year, when Gadjela graduated, she chose to become a college student village official and dedicate her youth to her hometown.

  Integrating the ideal of life into the cause of the country and the nation has always been the direction of Gadjela's efforts.

During a political study, she was deeply moved by the outstanding deeds of Huang Wenxiu, a model of the times who devoted herself to poverty alleviation.

  Gadjela said: "Since I have chosen to become a college student village official, I must shoulder the mission, be down-to-earth, forge ahead, and contribute to the revitalization of the countryside."

Zhao Binyu, a graduate of China University of Mining and Technology

Join the mine and contribute to the energy industry

  Reporter Yan Yiqiao

  "From the first day I entered the school, I was very much looking forward to contributing to the energy cause of the motherland after graduation." Zhao Binyu, a master graduate of China University of Mining and Technology, is about to board the train and head to the Huolin Henan Open-pit Mine in Inner Mongolia. Contribute to the construction of green mines in alpine regions.

  Zhao Binyu grew up at the foot of the mine. For him, working on the front line of the mine is a dream and an inheritance.

"My ancestors were the earliest coal workers in the country. I grew up listening to the stories of mine workshops." Zhao Binyu is well aware of the importance of ensuring coal supply.

  During the three years of studying for a master's degree, Zhao Binyu has visited mines in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places many times to conduct on-site investigations, assisting the tutor to complete the project.

In the Yimin Open-pit Mine in Inner Mongolia, faced with the problem of dusty roads and muddy roads in the rainy season, which are easy to cause potential safety hazards, as the project leader, Zhao Binyu is engaged in scientific research in the laboratory, exploring materials and methods for dust suppression, while We have communicated with enterprises and workers many times and listened to feedback.

With the attitude of "learning by doing, doing while learning", Zhao Binyu constantly hone himself and improve himself in the production line.

  Last summer, Zhao Binyu led undergraduates to the south open-pit coal mine of Xinjiang Tianchi Energy for social practice.

In practice, he learned that some undergraduates lack the opportunity to go to front-line research and lack the overall understanding and experience of coal mines.

Therefore, at the graduate symposium, he put forward suggestions, hoping that the school can provide students with research opportunities at the undergraduate level. "The accumulation of experience will help students to understand the industry more comprehensively and make career plans."

  In the eyes of teachers and classmates, Zhao Binyu is not only a good role model for his juniors, but also a good monitor who is enthusiastic and responsible.

In the important stage of employment, he actively communicated with each classmate, put forward employment suggestions in a targeted manner, and sent relevant employment information in a timely manner to help everyone find the job they wanted.

  "Compared with the difficult environment of our ancestors who fought in the severe cold, fought against the yellow sand, and fought the wind and snow to mine, our generation has been much happier." When the reporter asked Zhao Binyu whether he regretted giving up employment opportunities in the eastern coastal cities and choosing open-air areas with relatively difficult conditions When he was in the coal mine, he said firmly: "Worthy of the times and youth, I will write my own colorful chapter. Next, how to integrate modern information, control technology and mining technology is the real challenge I face. , but I'm unafraid and full of fighting spirit."

Liu Deguo, a graduate of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Planting Chinese medicinal materials, entrepreneurial dreams take root and sprout

  Reporter Wu Yue

  "I'm on the high-speed rail, and tomorrow I'm discussing cooperation with a company on medicinal planting." At the end of June, a few days before the graduation ceremony, Liu Deguo, a doctoral graduate of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was still on the road.

Participating in the college student entrepreneurial plan competition, expanding the planting base... What he was thinking about was the "Bird's Nest of Traditional Chinese Medicine" entrepreneurial project.

  In the planting base of Polygonatum chinensis in the Mufu Mountains, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province, with the application of technologies such as column-type aerosol cultivation, Polygonatum chinensis grows vigorously.

Since he proposed the idea of ​​"Bird's Nest of Traditional Chinese Medicine" in 2015, Liu Deguo's entrepreneurial dream has become increasingly clear and turned into reality.

  "It is inseparable from the power of science and technology to allow traditional Chinese medicine to inherit, innovate and develop, and to drive farmers to increase their income and become rich." Liu Deguo said that he grew up in the countryside and knew the hardships of farmers growing Chinese medicinal materials.

As a graduate student studying Chinese medicine, he hopes to improve planting techniques and produce more high-quality and safe Chinese herbal medicines.

  Carry out research on the cultivation of Polygonatum chinensis in the school's medicinal botanical garden, and develop culture solutions suitable for different growth cycles in the laboratory... Liu Deguo led the team members to give full play to their professional expertise and repeated research to develop the "Bird's Nest of Traditional Chinese Medicine" ecological production system.

"Column-type aerosol cultivation can improve the yield and quality of Polygonatum chinensis; the outer layer of the 'Bird's Nest' is a solar photovoltaic fan blade, which is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction; through the intelligent control system, medicinal farmers can easily control temperature, humidity, etc." He confidently introduce.

  It is not easy to "transplant" technology from the campus to the field.

"If I didn't have the school's support at the beginning, I might not be able to persevere." Liu Deguo said, "The instructors helped me connect with experts and professors outside the school, and the school's innovation and entrepreneurship education college also actively guided and encouraged us to participate in entrepreneurship competitions, which helped us a lot. ."

  At present, the team cooperates with the scientific research forces of many universities and cooperates with the company to produce Huangjing tea and other products.

"The happiest thing is to see the smiling faces of the farmers!" Liu Deguo said that the team has helped more than 200 farmers to improve their planting techniques, and some farmers have increased their annual income by tens of thousands of yuan.

  "As a doctoral graduate, I hope to use what I have learned to benefit the people." Regarding the future, Liu Deguo has more ideas: to create ecological traditional Chinese medicine landscape tourism, carry out the dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and better help rural revitalization and traditional Chinese medicine develop.

"One step at a time!" The entrepreneurial experience made Liu Deguo understand the truth of being down-to-earth. He told reporters, "I hope our efforts today will bear fruit in the future."

Su Zhengmin, a graduate of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Returning to the hometown to support teaching, let more children walk out of the mountains

  Reporter Ding Yasong

  "I will continue to study hard, return to the mountains with knowledge, and help more children get out of the mountains. I am willing to take root at the grassroots level and be the most loyal son on this yellow land forever. I will work silently all my life to repay the party and the country." In the graduation thesis In the gratitude, Su Zhengmin, a graduate of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, majoring in civil and commercial law, expressed his truest thoughts.

  Su Zhengmin's hometown is located in Huoba Village, Shamarada Township, Xide County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

At the age of 15, a family change put him at risk of dropping out of school.

"It was the care of the party and the government and the help of caring people in the society that pulled me out of the predicament." Su Zhengmin recalled.

After that, he cherished the opportunity to study even more and was admitted to key universities.

  After walking out of the mountains and seeing the wonderful world, Su Zhengmin understands the meaning of poverty alleviation must help wisdom more and more.

In order to help the poor students in Liangshan to study smoothly, in his sophomore year, he and several classmates launched the "Liangshan Ayi Study Aid Program".

Su Zhengmin said: "As long as one person saves 1 yuan a day, and three people save for a year, a poor student in Liangshan can go to school. From 2019 to the present, more than 200 people have joined us, and 66 poor students have received funding. "

  This year, Su Zhengmin graduated with an undergraduate degree. He chose to go back to Liangshan to teach for a year before continuing his postgraduate studies.

"In the past few years, the state has invested a lot in poor areas, and it is no longer a problem to have books. But how to change the concept of children in the mountains, so that they love to read and can read, this is what I want to do next." Su Zhengmin is now There is one goal - to build a village bookstore for children in Liangshan.

"At present, we have built a public welfare bookstore in Xichang, where there are many children of relocated households and migrant workers, and many families lack an environment for reading and learning. With the public welfare bookstore, children can come here on weekends, winter and summer vacations. Studying and self-study here." Su Zhengmin said.

  Su Zhengmin's online name is "Liangshan Wild Rose", he explained: "In my hometown, there are many soma flowers on the mountains, we all call them alpine roses, and they can still bloom even in the most difficult places. I hope I am like a soma flower, blooming brilliantly in the Daliang Mountains." Talking about his future plans, Su Zhengmin is very firm: "I will return to my hometown, engage in meaningful work, devote myself to a meaningful cause, and make my hometown better and better. The villagers are happier and contribute their own strength.”