First days of July, a little summer air… and a news that we would gladly let slide.

To catch up with the course of the world,

20 Minutes

watched and concocted its essential summary, between the Coquerel affair and the war in Ukraine.

1-Shots fired in a shopping center in Copenhagen

Several shots were heard in a shopping center in Copenhagen, the police announce several victims.

Large police reinforcements have been dispatched to the vicinity of the Fields shopping center in the Amager district, located between the city center and the capital's airport, Copenhagen police said on Twitter.

“We are on the spot, shots have been fired and several people have been hit,” she wrote.

A suspect has been arrested, according to police.

2-Death of director Peter Brook

A theater legend has left us.

Briton Peter Brook, one of the most influential directors of the 20th century, died on Saturday at the age of 97.

Born in Great Britain, he moved to France in the 1960s where he spent most of his career, at the head of his Parisian theater Les Bouffes du Nord.

He reinvents the art of staging with the theory of "empty space" by favoring refined forms, almost bare sets.

From Georges Bizet to Shakespeare, he revisits the greatest with international castings, nourished by several cultures.

His best-known piece is "Le Mahâbhârata", a nine-hour epic drawn from Hindu mythology.

3- Eric Coquerel denounces "unfounded rumours", the vigilance committee of the LFI seized

Eric Coquerel, deputy of La France insoumise, elected Thursday June 30 president of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly, denounced in the Journal du Dimanche "unfounded rumors" concerning his behavior towards women and defended himself from any “violence or physical or psychological constraint to obtain a report”.

The same day, Sophie Tissier, who has become a figure in the "yellow vests" movement, announced on Twitter that she had sent a report by e-mail to the committee against sexual violence of La France insoumise.

She claims to have been the target of “unacceptable behavior” on the part of deputy Éric Coquerel which allegedly occurred in 2014, during an evening in Grenoble.

4- A collapse on the Marmolada glacier leaves five dead and eight injured

A huge boulder broke off Sunday from the Marmolada glacier in the northern Italian Alps, killing at least five people and injuring eight, emergency services said.

A “still provisional balance sheet”.

Several helicopters and teams were deployed on the spot to take part in the rescue operations and to monitor the situation and search for possible other victims.

5-War in Ukraine: threats from the Belarusian president

In Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko is threatening Ukraine.

He said that "about three days ago, maybe more, we tried from Ukraine to hit military targets in Belarus".

"Praise be to God, our Pantsir anti-aircraft systems have intercepted all missiles fired by Ukrainian forces," he added, fueling speculation of a growing involvement of this Moscow ally in the conflict with Ukraine. .

"We are being provoked," he said, threatening to respond "instantly to any enemy strike against the territory of Belarus", a message visibly intended for kyiv and Westerners.

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