Disney offered Baz Luhrmann the opportunity to adapt his 2008 film


as a miniseries.

Divided into six episodes, this new assembly entitled

Faraway Downs

will include, as one can imagine, many sequences absent from the feature film, but above all a new end as well as an increased soundtrack.

If no release date has yet been revealed, this series will be broadcast on the Hulu platform across the Atlantic and, logically, on Disney + in France.

A new way to tell the same story

“Basically, I was going to take the notion of epic and grandiose style of

Gone with the Wind

and turn it upside down completely.

A way to use romance and epic drama to highlight the role of First Nations [indigenous peoples] and the painful scar that runs through Australia's Stolen Generations history,” Baz Luhrmann said in a statement relayed by Deadline. , the "Stolen Generations" referring to the children of Aboriginal and Torres Strait natives forcibly removed from their parents by the Australian government from around 1869 to 1969.

“While the film


had a life of its own, there was another way to tell this story;

with different layers, nuances and even alternate twists that the serial format allowed us to explore,” the director of


continued .

“Made from the same material,

Faraway Downs

is a new take on


for the public to experience.


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