China News Service, Beijing, July 3. The county-wide lockdown in Si County, Anhui has entered its fifth day.

In the past week, there have been more than 500 new infections (confirmed cases + asymptomatic infections) in this northern Anhui county with a population of nearly one million, and the epidemic has spilled over to many places.

The latest data:

288 new infections in Si County, Anhui in a single day

  On the 2nd, 31 provinces added 75 new local confirmed cases and 310 new local asymptomatic infections. The national epidemic data that had been adding double digits in a single day for many days has risen again.

On the 2nd, there were 288 new infections in Si County, Anhui Province.

  The current round of the epidemic in Si County, Anhui Province was first reported on June 26. On the same day, Si County reported that asymptomatic infections were found in the nucleic acid test of key populations. In the following week, the epidemic data in Si County increased rapidly.

  According to the data released by the Anhui Provincial Health and Health Commission, Si County added 3 new infections on June 26, 3 new infections on June 27, 13 new infections on June 28, and June 29. There were 13 new infections on June 30, 104 new infections on June 30, 134 new infections on July 1, and 288 new infections on July 2.

  As of July 2, Si County has conducted 5 rounds of nucleic acid testing in this round of the epidemic. At present, a large proportion of newly infected people in Si County in a single day are still found in the nucleic acid testing of risk groups.

  For example, on the 2nd, there were 60 new confirmed cases (mild) and 228 new asymptomatic infections in Si County.

Among them, 187 cases were found in the screening of personnel under quarantine observation, and 101 cases were found in nucleic acid screening in medium and high risk areas.

A judgment:

The overall situation is controllable, and the handling of the epidemic is still in a critical period

  According to a report from the Anhui Channel of the People's Daily client, the head of the Anhui Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Comprehensive Headquarters Office said that from the current point of view, the current round of the epidemic is generally controllable.

In view of the unclear source and background of the epidemic in Sixian at the beginning, in order to block the chain of transmission, the local community has implemented social control for the first time, the county is statically managed, and personnel stay at home. The epidemic was discovered on June 26 and did not appear after control spillover.

For risk personnel such as close contacts and sub-close contacts involved in other places, a letter of assistance will be issued as soon as possible.

  He introduced that by the morning of July 2, Si County had conducted 5 rounds of nucleic acid testing for all staff.

Judging from the test results of the first four rounds and the preliminary screening results released on the 2nd, the number of positive people has decreased compared with the previous rounds.

  However, the relevant person in charge of the headquarters reminded that because the results of the preliminary screening still need to be reviewed, and the data release is delayed, it is expected that the number of new cases will increase in the next day or two, but there will be a significant decline soon.

  The person in charge also said that a certain number of positive people were detected in the high-risk areas and among the close contacts, indicating that the treatment of the epidemic is still in a critical period.

Spill Risk:

Many places in Jiangsu report Sixian-related epidemics

  Suzhou City, Anhui Province, where Sixian County is located, is located in the northernmost part of Anhui Province, at the junction of the four provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui.

Since the first report of the Sixian epidemic in this round, Jiangsu Nanjing, Xuzhou, and Wuxi have clearly reported the occurrence of Sixian-related epidemics.

  For example, in Suining County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Si County, on June 27, a local person with abnormal nucleic acid test found at a centralized isolation point was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infection.

  Xuzhou CDC reported on June 28, “Recently, positive test persons have been reported in Si County, Suzhou City, Yaohai District, Hefei City, and Suixi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, and their journeys involve Gulou District, Qinhuai District, Liuhe District, Suining County and other places in our city. At present, both Nanjing City and our city have found that the nucleic acid test results of close contacts of positive testers from other places are abnormal, the risk of epidemic transmission is high, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim."

  On June 28, Nanjing reported 4 positive cases, all of whom were family members of the nucleic acid-positive persons in Si County.

In Wuxi, on June 29 and 30, Wuxi City added 9 and 24 local infections, respectively, all of which were related to 2 people from Si County who came to Wuxi.

The gene sequencing results of the first two infected persons showed that they were highly homologous to the genome sequences of the current cases in Si County.

  As of 1:00 on July 3, a total of 103 positive infections have been found in Wuxi's current round of the epidemic. Prior to this, Wuxi had appealed to all residents not to leave Wuxi unless necessary.

  On July 1, Binhai County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province found a positive nucleic acid test for a person who had lived in Wuxi City and returned to Yan. The Yancheng New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice. Since the 24th, people who have lived in Wuxi should take the initiative to report to the local community (village), unit, and hotel, and cooperate with the implementation of health management measures such as isolation observation, nucleic acid testing, and health monitoring.

  In Anhui Province, Lingbi County, Suzhou City, adjacent to Si County, announced on July 1 that in view of the current epidemic prevention and control situation in the surrounding areas and the existing related cases in Lingbi County, the implementation of the county-wide implementation will begin at 16:00 on the 1st. Stay home control measures.

Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee:

Within 1 week, the society will be cleared, zero deaths, and no spillovers

  After the outbreak in Si County, on the evening of July 1, Suzhou City held a press conference in Si County. The press conference revealed that Lei Haichao, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission, had led a working group to Si County for on-site guidance and disposal.

  On July 3, "Anhui Daily" reported that recently, Zheng Shajie, secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, emphasized at a relevant meeting of the Provincial Party Committee that, from the current point of view, the current round of the epidemic is generally controllable, but the treatment of the epidemic is still in a critical period.

It is necessary to focus on fast-paced control. For areas where epidemics have occurred, rapid nucleic acid screening, timely flow and traceability, thorough transfer and isolation, and strict community management and control must be carried out to ensure that all inspections, all inspections, all isolation, and strict community control are required. Resolutely block the transmission channels of the epidemic, and achieve zero social clearance, zero deaths, and no spillover within a week.

  On the 3rd, the sixth round of nucleic acid testing was carried out in some areas of Si County.

According to the arrangement, the nucleic acid detection work of the day will start from 6:00 on the same day, and the centralized adopters will adopt them in an orderly manner in different periods, and implement 10-in-1 mixed sampling; for those in high-risk areas, single-collection inspection or 1-household 1-tube will be carried out, and the samplers will sample from house to house. ; Increase antigen testing for some personnel, including mixed positive personnel, personnel engaged in express delivery, sanitation, hotel services, etc., personnel engaged in anti-epidemic and volunteers in medium and high-risk areas, and personnel in key places such as quarantined enterprises and construction sites, nucleic acid testing will be carried out in the morning. , and conduct an antigen test at home in the afternoon.