Very Perspective 'Library' as Graduation Gift Every College Can Do

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  "Today, you have graduated, and you have taken away the entire digital library of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, which is updated in real time, logged in at any time, and free for life. I am especially obliged to solemnly remind everyone to remember the student ID number and login password, and save them for good use. This is the most attentive, precious, long-lasting and most enduring gift from Southwest University of Political Science and Law." This is a remark made by Wang Yuyu, a representative of university teachers and a professor at the School of Economics and Law, at the graduation ceremony of the 2022 students of Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

(July 2, Rule of Law Daily)

  Right now, it is the time for domestic colleges and universities to hold graduation ceremonies, and it is also a critical period for colleges and universities to recruit new students.

For colleges and universities, if they hold a splendid and unique graduation ceremony that attracts widespread attention, it will not only impress the fresh graduates and even unforgettable for a lifetime, but also help the college entrance examination candidates choose colleges and universities when filling out their voluntary applications. Role, in other words, this is also an admissions advertisement.

Therefore, some colleges and universities played new tricks at the graduation ceremony and became hot news.

  Recently, at the graduation ceremony of Peking University, Zhou Hong, the representative of the graduates, said emotionally: What if his life is ordinary?

As long as you have a heart that is not afraid of ordinary people, you can still become the protagonist of the story; at the graduation ceremony of Soochow University, more than 10,000 graduates attended the last big ideological and political class online and offline, which also attracted public attention; the graduation ceremony of Huazhong University of Science and Technology On the spot, the red flag fluttered, the lights flashed, and the students sang "I Love You China", which was moving.

  Compared with the "on-site characteristics" of many college graduation ceremonies, Southwest University of Political Science and Law has a different performance: it presents digital library resources to graduates.

As long as graduates remember their student ID account and login password, they can enjoy the "real-time update, log in at any time, and lifetime free digital library of Southwest University of Political Science and Law".

For graduates, not only participated in a very distinctive graduation ceremony, but also received a special gift.

It seems more valuable than any gift.

  Colleges and universities are generally known as the halls of knowledge, and university libraries are even more of the halls of knowledge. From the quantity and quality of the books in the collection to the literature, they are extremely rich, so they have become the most popular places for students to "bubble".

Recently, at the graduation ceremony of Xi'an University of Technology, a boy who entered the library for many times (732 times in 2021 alone) was written by the president into the graduation speech, which attracted public attention.

It can be seen that the university library is a magnetic place.

  Southwest University of Political Science and Law just gave digital library resources to students as graduation gifts.

This move provides convenience for school graduates to read digital books or access related materials at any time throughout their lives.

This is not only the achievement brought by the digital construction of university libraries in recent years, but also reflects that Southwest University of Political Science and Law is extremely generous and intelligent.

This "generous" is compared with other colleges and universities, and "smart" is reflected in the hard-core admissions advertisement, which is more attractive to college students.

  As early as 20 years ago, domestic colleges and universities began to set foot in digital libraries.

In 2005, "China Higher Education Document Guarantee System - China Higher Education Digital Library" became one of the three public service systems of the "211" Project.

At present, the digital library probably covers all colleges and universities in my country.

In this context, every university can, like the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, take the university digital library resources as a kind of graduation gift for its graduates to enjoy for life free of charge.

  Public knowledge resources such as digital libraries can have more and far-reaching significance only if they are widely shared and shared for a long time.

For the graduates of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, it is such a blessing that they can continue to enjoy the library resources of their alma mater for free after graduation.

This move shows that the university has extended the public service of digital library from on-campus to off-campus, and expanded the service target from students to graduates. This kind of courage and warmth is also of exemplary significance.