Some tourist hotspots launch preferential policies Airline launches special flights for the summer to attract tourists

  The news that the national itinerary card "catch the stars" has brought a new round of air tickets and travel platform searches.

After the national "star" award on July 1, Shanghai's first inter-provincial tour group took flight 9C6137 on the same day to Gansu for a 6-day, 5-night Gannan tour. This is a microcosm of the recovery of the domestic tourism aviation market.

  Beijing Universal Resort and Shanghai Disneyland have been reopened one after another, and tourists have expressed their emotions: "The joy of visiting the park is back!" A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that the "air tourism season" has been launched in many places in the country, and favorable market policies have frequently appeared. , Scenic spots, accommodation, travel and other fields have ushered in a strong rebound, and some hot tourist routes have launched special air tickets for the summer travel season, with a minimum discount of 20%.

  Big increase in summer air ticket bookings

  With the advent of the summer tourist season, air ticket bookings and air ticket prices have increased nationwide recently.

According to Qunar Big Data, as of 15:00 on July 1, the number of domestic air ticket bookings on the Qunar platform for the past three days (29th, 30th, and 1st) increased significantly, and June 30 was the highest compared to June 29. An increase of nearly four percent.

Among them, after the national itinerary card "catch the stars", the summer air ticket bookings in and out of Beijing increased the fastest, reaching 286%.

The routes of Beijing-Chengdu and Chengdu-Beijing have ranked third and fifth among the most popular routes on the Qunar platform on July 1, from the top 10 popular routes a week ago.

  Lan Xiang, director of Qunar Big Data Research Institute, analyzed that since the Dragon Boat Festival, the number of domestic civil aviation passengers in China has exceeded 50% in the same period in 2019. With the recent adjustment of travel policies in various places, even if the average price of air tickets and fuel surcharges have risen simultaneously , but it did not reduce the willingness of passengers to travel. At present, the average fare in the industry is about 800 yuan (excluding fuel surcharges and airport construction fees). Before the official adjustment of fuel surcharges on July 5, there will be a new round of passengers. Peak bookings.

  Daxing Airport launches 9 "Xing Express Lines"

  On the first day of Shuyun, it is expected that the number of flights at Daxing Airport will reach 280, and the passenger flow will be about 28,000.

Recently, the aviation market has gradually recovered. Daxing Airport has joined hands with local airlines to increase capacity investment, and has joined forces with platforms such as Ctrip, Fliggy, and Tongcheng to jointly launch products such as discounted air tickets and travel coupons, covering the entire summer.

  Previously, Daxing Airport, in collaboration with China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines, has launched 9 "Xing Express" air express products, including Beijing Daxing=Guangzhou, Beijing Daxing=Shenzhen, Beijing Daxing=Kunming, Beijing Daxing=Xi'an, Beijing Daxing=Xiamen, etc. Passengers who choose the "Xing Express Line" will enjoy preferential check-in, preferential security check, preferential boarding gate, "fly wherever they go", and transportation packages.

  At present, the discounted air tickets start from 560 yuan from Beijing Daxing to Xiamen, 640 yuan from Beijing Daxing to Kunming, 840 yuan from Beijing Daxing to Guangzhou, and 950 yuan from Beijing Daxing to Shenzhen.

  Up to 20% off air tickets on some routes

  "Summer vacation is coming soon, and children are looking forward to traveling abroad," said Ms. Su, a parent of a primary school student in Beijing's Haidian District. She saw that Huangshan students were free of tickets, and Sanya's air tickets were much cheaper than those in the summer peak season before the epidemic. Do Raiders, looking forward to the summer trip.

  Some tourist hotspots have launched preferential policies, and airlines have launched special flights for summer to attract tourists.

From June 9th to August 31st, tourists from all over the country can enjoy half-price tickets for day tours to 3 scenic spots including Huangshan Mountain, and students from the national middle school and college entrance examination can enjoy free tickets; on July 4th, Spring Airlines will launch a direct flight from Shijiazhuang to Zhangjiajie. It only takes 2.5 hours, and it operates every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and the first special flight ticket starts at 199 yuan; China Southern Airlines APP or "China Southern Airlines" WeChat applet, China Southern Airlines Zhangjiajie round-trip Changsha flight every day, the lowest one-way fare is all From 170 yuan, the air flight time is about 40 minutes.

  The price of the Sanya route has increased slightly compared with the off-season, but the price is still 20-30% off.

From the perspective of air ticket price trends, the price of Beijing to Sanya has risen. The Beijing-Sanya economy class fare is between 750 yuan and 1580 yuan, which is equivalent to 20 to 40% off; Shanghai to Sanya (one-way direct flight) The lowest economy class airfare It has risen from about 700 yuan before to more than 1,500 yuan.

  In addition, according to the news released by Hubei Airport Group, the "2022 Hui Tour Hubei Air Travel Season" will be launched during the summer vacation. Wuhan Tianhe Airport will continue to increase the density of flights in key domestic cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Kunming, creating a convenient "airline express". Wire".

On July 1, the Kashgar and Yining routes will be opened, and Nyingchi, Lugu Lake, Yanji and other destinations will be added to meet the travel needs of tourists in the summer.

From June 27th to 28th, Heze and Ankang airpoints will be opened one after another.

In mid-June, Hubei Province launched a series of preferential air ticket products for “inter-provincial travel” airlines. For example, China Southern Airlines launched a 20% discount on air tickets on Guyuan, Changzhi, Enshi, Wudangshan and other routes, and China Eastern launched a “first-pass discount product”. "Air-rail combined transportation direct reduction products", Shenzhen Airlines launched "3-person group discount products", etc., to reduce travel costs.

  Multiple platforms launch fuel subsidies

  On June 30, a number of airlines issued an announcement that starting from July 5, 2022, the fuel surcharge will be increased.

The fuel charging standard for domestic routes is: RMB 100 per passenger for segments below 800 kilometers (inclusive); RMB 200 per passenger for segments over 800 kilometers.

This is also the highest charging standard since my country began to collect fuel surcharges in 2000.

  Major travel platforms have launched related promotions in response to the record-high fuel surcharge.

Tongcheng Travel has launched a fuel fee sub-card. After purchasing the card, users can deduct a total of 150 yuan in fuel surcharges for air tickets. The subsidy period is from July 4th to August 31st, covering the entire summer vacation.

  Consumer Tips

  Refunds are risky, please be cautious when booking

  According to industry insiders, first, to book air tickets, choose direct sales channels such as the airline's official website and APP, as well as legally authorized sales agents to purchase air tickets, and keep relevant certificates to avoid being deceived.

  Second, the lower the price of the ticket, the more restrictions on the cancellation and modification conditions. Passengers may have to pay more when canceling or changing the ticket due to their own reasons. Therefore, when purchasing tickets, you must fully consider the risk of your own itinerary changes. Flight ticket refund and change rules to avoid high fees for voluntary refund or change.

  Third, there are differences in luggage standards, so you should pay attention to ticket-purchasing travel.

At present, various airlines will formulate diversified baggage transportation standards based on factors such as routes, times, and fares, and there are large differences in baggage size, weight, and free baggage allowance.

Here, we remind the majority of passengers to carefully check the baggage transportation standards of the purchased flight when purchasing tickets to avoid extra charges or refusal of transportation due to excess baggage.

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