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number of the week

It is rare that TF1 loses its leadership of the hearings when it comes to the mass of the

20 Hours


However, this Friday, the first channel lost to France 2. The edition presented by Laurent Delahousse was followed by 4.24 million followers while that of Anne-Claire Coudray was able to count on 4.12 million people, as reported by our colleagues from



Even tighter than the Tour de France, are we witnessing the start of the toughest competition of the summer?

The news flash

Baba has found his new hobby.

For several months, Cyril Hanouna has not stopped talking about padel.

Currently ranked 274th out of nearly 20,000 licensees in France, the host hopes to combine his favorite sport with his desires for production.

In the columns of

Var Matin

, he reveals that he has started filming

Objective Top 100

, a docu-reality of which he is the hero, in Alicante, Spain.

“Until December, the cameras follow me in training and soon in matches.

We will be able to see my evolution, ”he slips.

The result will be to be discovered on MyCanal and “perhaps on C8”.

The zapping moment

The sequence jumped out at many BFMTV viewers on Tuesday.

While we had just witnessed the election of Yaël Braun-Pivet as President of the National Assembly, the return to the antenna of Yves Calvi was strewn with pitfalls.

“So it's a – um – historic moment and you just saw it… Excuse me for my voice,” the journalist tried to say when commenting on the images.

And suddenly, an alien landed on @BFMTV 👽 #DirectAN pic.twitter.com/lg0fRPE2zv

— Florian (@Florian_set) June 28, 2022

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The next day, Yves Calvi was absent from his scheduled broadcasts on RTL and BFMTV.

Back on the airwaves, the journalist gave a short explanation for this loss of voice: "Allergies are still carabinated," he said.

Popcorn info

Johnny Hallyday who dances with Patrick Bruel, with the singer M or with his daughters, here are the unpublished extracts that the public will be able to discover in

Johnny by Laeticia

, a documentary proposed next season on M6.

For the first time, the widow of the singer has agreed to open the most intimate doors of her extraordinary daily life with the idol of young people.

Directed by William Karel, this film promises to lift the veil on 25 years of never-before-seen images.

Having left for France Télévisions, TF1 had to find a replacement for Jarry to host

Game of Talents


Several months ago, we learned that Jean-Luc Reichmann was going to recover the format to distribute the points between two teams of celebrities whose mission is to attribute the right talent to the right person.

Will the presenter of the

12 noon shots


See you on July 16 at 9:10 p.m. to find out.

Fired by RMC and BFMTV in June, Jean-Jacques Bourdin will not take over the controls of

Bourdin Direct

, his morning interview.

At the time of the first accusations, the journalist was replaced at short notice by Apolline de Malherbe.

We learn this week that the group has decided to confirm the journalist in this position next season.

On the other hand, Apolline de Malherbe keeps

Apolline Matin

, her program which starts every day at 6 am.


"Fort Boyard": New events, return of the lookout... New and old for the 33rd season


"HPI": Season 3 is revealed with the first info on Morgane and Karadec

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