A "robot insect" the size of a fly is conducting search and rescue operations for survivors!

American researchers have produced a flying "robot" that resembles an insect and the size of a fly can make a real breakthrough in the field of "robots" and artificial intelligence, and it would perform superhuman tasks in the field of search and rescue, exploration and reconnaissance.

According to a report published by a British newspaper, researchers at the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology are currently working on the production and development of this "robot", or "robot insect", in conjunction with forest fires, amid expectations that this new innovation will make a significant shift in combating them.

These tiny robotic fireflies, which weigh barely more than a paper clip and glow in flight, can be used to aid in search and rescue missions, the researchers say.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have previously developed insect-sized robots with tiny artificial muscles that allow them to roam with insect-like agility by rapidly flapping their wings.

But engineers have now found a way to embed tiny particles into these artificial muscles, which means they emit colorful light in flight.

Robots can use this light to communicate with each other and can even be used to signal and assist in emergencies, according to the researchers.

For example, scientists say, if a robot is sent on a search and rescue mission to a collapsed building, a robot that finds survivors can use lights to signal to others and call for help.


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