(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) 39 new positive infected persons in Wuxi, Jiangsu have carried out environmental disinfection in relevant places

  China News Service, Wuxi, July 2 (Reporter Sun Quan) In the early morning of July 2, the Wuxi New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters issued the "Wuxi City Epidemic Prevention and Control No. 130 Notice" (referred to as the "Notice"), saying that the The city has added 39 positive infections, and relevant places have completed environmental disinfection.

  On the morning of July 1, when Wuxi conducted nucleic acid tests on centralized isolation and key risk personnel, it found that 39 people were initially screened positive.

These people were reviewed as positive by the Wuxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and were immediately transferred to designated hospitals in Wuxi for diagnosis and treatment. Control measures have been quickly implemented in key areas involving the case's residence, workplace, and stopover.

  The "Notice" mentioned that as of 2:00 on July 2, Wuxi had checked a total of 3,634 close contacts and 1,974 sub-close contacts, all of which have implemented relevant control measures. Nucleic acid test results have been obtained for 2,815 people, all of which were negative. The rest of the results are pending; a total of 3,168 items and environmental samples have been collected from relevant places, and 2,916 results have been issued, including 70 positive nucleic acid test results and 2,846 negative results.

A total of more than 26,700 square meters of environmental disinfection of related places have been completed.

  As of 2:00 on July 2, the city of Wuxi has completed the third round of regional nucleic acid sampling for 5.071 million people, and 4.5481 million people have received results, all of which are negative, and the rest of the results are pending.

  The reporter learned that, in order to implement detailed epidemic prevention measures, Wuxi had previously moved East China Trade City, Guangyi Street, Liangxi District, the North Gate Wood Market of Leather City, Yunlin Street, Xishan District, and Wuxi Weifu High-Tech Group Co., Ltd. (Xinwu District). No. 30 Xing Road) is designated as a high-risk area, and will be divided into Sheng'an No. 2 Village, Huishan Street, Liangxi District, Guangyi Xingyuan, Guangyi Street, Yanqiao Street, Huishan District, Arles Phase II, Sunshine Yibai North District, Xinwu District, Xin'an The first area of ​​Xin'an Huayuan in the street and the second phase of Haiya Jinyuan in Jiangxi street are designated as medium-risk areas.

Among them, high-risk areas strictly implement home isolation, and people in the area should "stay at home" and carry out door-to-door nucleic acid sampling; medium-risk areas strictly implement "people not leaving the area and picking things at different peaks" to prevent all gathering activities.

  Wuxi will implement the "Sukang Code" yellow code measures for those who are accompanied by positive infected people in time and space.

The Wuxi New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters reminds: those who have been assigned a yellow code should immediately contact their community (village) to register, and go to the yellow code sampling point as required to carry out nucleic acid testing twice a day (with an interval of more than 24 hours), and go out. During the whole process, personal protection should be done, and no public transportation, no going to places where people gather, or participating in gathering activities.