• The Just a piece of furniture application has just been launched in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon by Zafar Baryali and Massoud Ayati, the founders of the moving company Des bras en plus.

  • The two partners realized that a significant part of their clientele did not call on movers, because the quantity of furniture to be moved was too small.

  • The objective is not to replace the truck, but to limit its use when it is not necessary.

    In other cases to ride electric cargo bikes

A sofa to move, a bulky fridge to transport from one apartment to another and suddenly all your friends have something planned.

To compensate for these evasions, Zafar Baryali and Massoud Ayati created the moving company Des bras en plus.

Today, the two partners see the possibility of moving on an electric cargo bike on a smaller scale with Just a Furniture (JUM).

Zafar Baryali and Massoud Ayati have found that between 15 and 20% of their calls concern only one or even two pieces of furniture to be transported.

Not enough to move a truck.

Hence the idea of ​​using cargo bike movers.

Within a limit of 80 kg, the "jumers" transport the furniture over a maximum distance of 10 km.

The service is billed at 60 euros for one hour, then 20 euros every quarter of an hour.

The partners are betting on an average offer of 100 euros for the move.

After-sales service is also provided.

Less polluting and less expensive

“We are not going to lie to each other, our activity is polluting, admits Zafar Baryali.

There is no miracle solution to the diesel truck.


Impossible to replace the truck on long journeys or moves with many m3, but under certain conditions, the cargo bike can be a recourse, and it is less polluting and less expensive.

JUM, already launched in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, aims to set up throughout France.

"Compared to some European countries, France is behind in cyclology, but it is developing a lot at the moment," says Massoud Ayati.

In Paris, JUM already has a fleet of 15 carefully designed cargo bikes.

Capable of supporting 150 kg (twice the load limit weight), they are equipped with a motor allowing them to climb the few difficult Parisian reliefs and resistant brakes capable of containing the loaded weight of the vehicle.


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