A research group of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology has succeeded in photographing a huge individual, which has just been confirmed as a new species and is surrounded by a mysterious large deep-sea fish, whose total length is estimated to exceed 2 meters. Announced that it was done.

Narcetes shonan is a large deep-sea fish that was discovered in Suruga Bay off the coast of Shizuoka Prefecture and was just confirmed as a new species last year. It is rare.

In October last year, a research group of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology sank a camera in the deep sea about 100 km southwest of Hachijojima in the Izu Islands at a depth of 2000 meters, and succeeded in shooting a color image of a narcotes shonan. ..

The estimated total length is as large as 2 meters and 53 centimeters, which is about twice the largest individual found in Suruga Bay so far.

The surface of the Narcetes shonan was black, and it slowly approached the cage containing the bait, and after opening its mouth wide to another deep-sea fish and threatening to drive it away, it was confirmed that it bite into the cage to eat the bait.

In addition, the research group has confirmed that it was found in the deep sea off the coast of Hachijojima following Suruga Bay, suggesting that the Narcetes shonan may be widespread in the deep sea, especially in the North Pacific Ocean.

Yoshihiro Fujiwara, Senior Researcher of Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, said, "I was surprised by the huge body. There are still many surprises left in the deep sea."

Sakana-kun "It's big and powerful."

"Sakana-kun," a visiting professor at Tokyokaiyo University, said about this video, "When I first saw the Narcetes shonan, I was impressed with" Is there such a big deep-sea fish? " On the other hand, despite being so big, it was moving very flexibly, and I was about to drop the urine from my eyes, "said Sakana-kun's unique expression.

Also, regarding the appearance of threatening other deep-sea fish, "Opening the mouth wide is a typical behavior of carnivorous fish to insist on territory and drive away other creatures, but I was able to shoot it. Is very valuable. There may still be some scary creatures, "he said with his eyes shining.

Then, in commemoration of this discovery, he showed a picture of a life-sized halfbeak with a length of 2.5 meters, which he drew in about 30 minutes. I want to see the real thing with my own eyes. "