Is this collaboration so special?

Danish luxury label Ganni has teamed up with American sneaker brand New Balance to launch a cool dad sneaker.

The 2002 R "Turtledove" not only looks retro, it is also manufactured in a particularly sustainable way.

The cooperation corresponds to the "New Balance Green Leaf Standard": At least 50 percent of the upper materials come from environmentally friendly sources, as does at least one sole component.

Aylin Guler

Editor for Social Media.

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“Our brand aspirations align well, particularly our effort to emphasize the importance of sustainability in our industry,” said Lauren Fitzsimmons, who oversees global collaborative projects at New Balance.

The 2002 R is a hybrid of running shoe and everyday sneaker, beautiful and comfortable.

Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director at Ganni, says: "The style of the New Balance 2002 R fits perfectly with the Copenhagen clothing style - we're always on our bikes or running somewhere."

Who is Ganni again please?

The Copenhagen-based designer label Ganni is run by the married couple Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup.

Nicolaj Reffstrup is also the founder.

In 2020, the brand launched its Responsibility Game Plan, with 44 goals in the areas of People, Planet, Product and Prosperity (growth) to be achieved by 2023.

With its carefree approach to the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design, Ganni is particularly popular with young, fashion-conscious women.

And since the so-called #GANNIGirls often wear New Balance sneakers, the collaboration seemed a logical complement for both brands.

Can you still get the shoe anywhere?

The 2002 R was launched on April 13th.

It quickly sold out in online shops.

It is now traded on the secondary market and resale platforms such as StockX for up to 400 euros.

It is difficult to say whether the price will fall soon or continue to rise - the sneaker market is also volatile.

Does the sneaker match the trends of the season?

The design of the shoe exudes retro vibes and is timeless at the same time.

The models are made for women as well as men (up to shoe size 45) - a plus!

The certified organic, recycled and environmentally friendly materials are also important for more and more buyers.

Not to be forgotten: The shoe is available in the trendy colors green and grey.

So a clear answer: Yes, an absolute trend sneaker!