China News Service, Beijing, June 30th (Li Jian and Zhang Su) In the past three months, bark painting, guqin, Guangcai, tie-dye, miniature dragon boat model making, Cantonese opera... More young people have learned through the live broadcast room. to the "beauty of intangible cultural heritage".

  For example, a painting made of bark, the bark painting of the white wolf forest, was publicly unveiled as a souvenir.

According to reports, the raw materials of the bark painting of the white wolf forest in Aershan are taken from the local birch trees. After natural peeling, there are more than 40 colors. After processing, it can be designed and made into exquisite bark painting handicrafts.

As more of these paintings come into the public eye, the local villagers also increase their income.

  Another example, the anchor led a team into the Guangcai porcelain firing project inheritance base, and joined hands with the national intangible inheritor of Guangcai to carry out a special live broadcast of the "Cloud Appreciation of Guangcai" intangible cultural heritage, which attracted more than 600,000 online visitors within an hour. focus on.

Some netizens said, "It seems that they have experienced a 'splendid' exploration of the South African heritage culture in Lingnan".

  Some anchors led a team to Huangpu Village to "unlock" the intangible cultural heritage tie-dyeing skills; some viewers walked into Shangcao Village, Panyu through the lens of the live room to experience a new form of traditional dragon boat making skills - miniature dragon boat model making; Some anchors are incarnated as "intangible cultural heritage experience officers", showing the unique charm of Cantonese opera from multiple angles...

  "Let more people, especially young people, pay more attention to intangible cultural heritage, understand intangible cultural heritage, and love intangible cultural heritage through live broadcast. This is the original intention of our series of activities of 'inheriting ingenuity and exploring intangible cultural heritage'." Wang He, Secretary General of YY Live Torch Light Alliance told reporters.

  Wang He introduced that in 2017, YY Live had established an "intangible cultural heritage" channel to launch live content on various related topics.

Since then, from participating in the Splendid China - China Intangible Cultural Heritage Costume Show, to creating the "Meet Intangible Cultural Heritage" column, to supporting the employment of Xiu Niang, Zhijin County, Guizhou, with the innovative model of "Live Broadcasting + E-commerce + Intangible Cultural Heritage + Poverty Alleviation" To increase their income, they continue to devote themselves to the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

  In March of this year, the Alliance launched the "Torch Light Project", focusing on cultural inheritance, rural revitalization, digital villages, sustainable development, public welfare assistance, etc., and actively exploring modern and innovative paths for the dissemination of intangible cultural heritage.

  Wang He said that the alliance invited local cultural and tourism bureaus, intangible cultural heritage departments, intangible cultural heritage protection associations and other units to jointly select 20 intangible cultural heritage projects, and invited network anchors to promote intangible cultural heritage projects in the form of popular science posters, short videos, etc. Special live broadcasts are planned for intangible cultural heritage popularization, skill display or learning.

They hope to integrate industry resources and continue to bring "big traffic" to "positive energy" with the help of platform advantages.