Today in France, there are approximately 200,000 abortions per year, according to the Institute of Demographic Studies (INED).

This figure has been stable since the early 2000s. 200,000 is also the number of pregnancy losses, according to the College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF).

And nearly 700,000 is the number of deliveries in 2020, the year of Covid, according to INED.

A body, a choice, an experience

Each path of women having recourse to abortion is different.

Each story, felt, deserve nuance.

Let's talk about it in our weekly meeting “

Tout Sexplication

” with Léa Castor, author, graphic designer and illustrator, creator of the account@leaa.caastor.

She recently published

Dear Blopblop, Letter to my embryo,

published by Leduc Graphic.

A book that talks about the journey of a young woman, Violette, who resorts to abortion, medical support, mental health, or even communication within the couple.

“A lot of things broke when faced with those two tiny bars [of a pregnancy test].

My stupid belief that it would never happen to me, my dream of a desired and happy pregnancy.

All that, replaced by a form of despair”, writes Violette in this comic strip mixing drawings and letters to the embryo.

To listen to Léa Castor, the intention of this book, the sometimes very different feelings of women who choose to terminate their pregnancy, it is in the audio player above.

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