The doors of the festival barely opened, they closed.

The first evening of the Eurockéennes music festival, near Belfort, has been canceled.

The fault was bad weather: a torrential rain fell on the scene, with strong gusts of wind.

The roof of the big one would have even been half torn off, according to France Bleu.

According to

L'Est Républicain

, festival-goers were also injured, "less than seven".

They are all in relative emergency and should be directed to the hospital center of Trévenans.

The Territoire-de-Belfort department had been placed on orange alert for violent storms, until 10 p.m.

Having just entered, the first festival-goers therefore had to leave.

They will not see Stromae or Kalash, originally scheduled for Thursday evening.

The festival should resume this Friday, if the site, largely damaged, can be restored by then.


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