• Health Europe records 324 cases of salmonellosis related to Kinder chocolates and eight of unknown origin

The Swiss company

Barry Callebaut

, a world giant in the segment of cocoa and chocolate preparations, announced this Thursday that experts detected the

presence of salmonella

in the largest of its factories in


, located in Wieze, where production was stopped.

"Our experts

identified lecithin

as the source of the contamination," the firm said after

detecting salmonella

"in a batch manufactured in Wieze," northeast of Brussels.

The company has announced that "all

chocolate products

manufactured in Wieze after June 25 have been blocked" and that the production lines "will be


before restarting" manufacturing.

A spokesman for the firm has indicated that "most of the

contaminated products

are still in the Wieze factory" and a small amount "with our customers".

The firm was already in contact with

73 clients

to guarantee "that there is no contamination of consumers."


Barry Callebaut

group supplies cocoa and chocolate-based preparations to numerous companies in the food sector, and in particular to major brands

in the chocolate sector

, such as Hershey, Mondelez or Nestlé.

According to its 2021/2022 balance, its annual sales reached

2.2 million tons


The giant's headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland, although it has some

60 production units

around the world, and employs some 13,000 people.

In April, the Belgian

Food Safety

Agency had already determined the closure of a factory of another giant brand in the chocolate sector,


(of the Italian group Ferrero), due to an outbreak of salmonella.


Belgian justice

only authorized in June the reopening - for a trial period - of a Ferrero factory in the town of Arlon (southern Belgium), where famous

Kinder chocolate eggs

contaminated with salmonella were produced.

This permit to

reopen the factory

lasts for three months, during which each ingredient will be analyzed before the distribution and

sale of the chocolates


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