Faced with a decline in activity in the mail sector, La Poste is reinventing itself.

The company offers since May 2 in Aix-les-Bains and Chambéry (Savoie) the delivery of meals at home for the elderly or disabled.

This new service is a first in Savoy, indicates

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Beneficiary information

For the time being, about thirty customers benefit from it.

For each delivery, the postman must complete a questionnaire on his smartphone to indicate whether the user is in good health, whether access to the accommodation is easy or whether the hygiene of the refrigerator is acceptable.

In the event of a problem, relatives are notified directly.

The postman can also alert the emergency services if necessary.

The success of the system is such that a second tour will be organized from mid-July to meet the demand of 40 new customers.

This service is in addition to the delivery of medicines and the monitoring of vulnerable people during heat waves, which are already in charge of postal agents.


Towards the end of stamps?

The post office announces the arrival of a code to be copied on the envelope


La Poste will invest 600 million euros to decarbonize the transport of mail and parcels

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