Nippon Life Insurance Company, the largest life insurance company, announced that a total of 15 sales staff working at branch offices nationwide had illegally acquired approximately 138 million yen from customers.

According to the announcement, a total of 15 sales staff working at 13 branch offices in 11 prefectures such as Nippon Life's Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi will be about 15 people in total from customers during the five years from 2017 to last year. It means that we illegally acquired 138 million yen.

One case because the policyholder abused the system to receive a loan from the insurance company within a certain range and illegally withdrew cash from the customer's account or transferred the insurance premium to his own account. The biggest damage amount is 58 million yen.

The company said it apologized to the customer and had already paid for the damage, and disciplinary action was taken against the sales staff who committed the fraud.

Nippon Life said, "We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and concern to our customers, contractors, and related parties who have suffered damage. We will work to prevent recurrence and strengthen compliance." I have commented.