A summer bonus was paid to national government employees on the 30th, and the average amount paid excluding managers was about 584,800 yen, a decrease of about 76,300 yen from last year, the second consecutive year of decrease.

According to the Cabinet Personnel Bureau, the summer bonus for national civil servants is about 584,800 yen, which is about 584,800 yen for employees with an average age of 34.2 years, excluding managers, which is about 76,300 yen compared to last year. The rate decreased by 11.5%, the second consecutive year of decrease.

This is because in addition to the 0.075 month reduction to close the gap with private companies, the 0.15 month reduction recommended by the National Personnel Authority last August was reflected from this summer.

In addition, bonuses are also paid to special services, etc. In the calculation of trial calculation = trial calculation, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is the most at about 5.18 million yen, followed by the chairman of both houses of the Diet is about 4.8 million yen.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister and the Ministers are planning to return a part of the money in line with the reduction in the annual expenses of the members of the Diet in light of the impact of the new Corona, so the Prime Minister is about 3.63 million yen and the Ministers are about 3.02 million yen. ..