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NATO summit: "It was Russia that destabilized the security architecture in Europe"

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United States President Joe Biden at the NATO summit in Madrid on June 29, 2022. AP - Susan Walsh

By: Clementine Pawlotsky

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NATO, faced with a situation of great strategic uncertainty, promised, during a summit in Madrid which ends on Thursday, to support Ukraine as long as necessary in the face of the " 


 " of Russia, while that the Russian President has denounced the "

 imperialist ambitions 

" of the Alliance, which seeks to assert its " 




The members of NATO will have to agree on a certain number of points of balance, which will determine the future of the Alliance faced with the emergence of these new threats which are China and Russia.

The Atlantic Alliance is regularly denounced by China as a hostile military group serving American interests and responsible for the current war in Ukraine.

The analysis of Guillaume Lasconjarias, military historian and teacher at the Sorbonne.

Author of numerous works on the Atlantic Alliance.


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