In the midst of intense heat, 11 people died on suspicion of heat stroke in Tokyo this month, the highest number in June at least in the past 10 years, to the Tokyo Medical Examiner's Office, etc. I found out in the interview.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, 11 men and women in their 40s and 90s died on suspicion of heat stroke from the beginning of this month to the 29th.

By age group, the number of people in their 70s and 80s is the highest, with 4 people each.

Nine of the 11 were found lying indoors, such as at home.

Of these, a woman in her 70s was found dead on a futon at her home on the 28th in Adachi Ward, and it was found that her cause of death was suspected of heat stroke.

The woman lived alone, but at that time the windows were closed and the air conditioner was not on.

Also, on the 27th of this month, a man in his 70s who lived in a room was found lying down in an apartment in Bunkyo Ward, and he died at the hospital where he was transported.

It is said that 11 people died at least in the past 10 years in June, so the Tokyo Fire Department and others used the air conditioner without patience and diligently rehydrated before they were thirsty. We are calling for measures to be taken.