China News Service, June 30. According to the WeChat public account of "Beijing Yizhuang", the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone's New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters issued a notice that the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone is strictly implementing the basis of various epidemic prevention and control measures. On June 30, business public places will be reopened in an orderly manner.

  The specific matters are as follows:

I. Orderly restoration of open business premises

  1. Small convenience stores, small hotels, small barber shops and other stores in the district will resume operations in an orderly manner after commitment.

  2. Catering units (including small catering), teahouses, and coffee shops in the district will resume business operations in an orderly manner after commitment, reasonably arrange dining tables, maintain a safe distance, customers will be seated in separate seats, and the number of guests should not exceed 50% of the maximum capacity. , advocate packing, reduce dine-in, and advocate contactless settlement such as credit card or mobile payment.

  3. The cinemas, libraries, museums, sports and fitness, bathing, pedicures and other places in the district will resume operations in an orderly manner after commitment.

Adhere to "limitation, appointment, staggered peak", and open according to 75% current limit.

  4. The social training institutions in the district will resume business and opening up in an orderly manner after commitment, and art training institutions need to file with the competent industry department before they can resume.

2. Business premises that continue to be suspended

  1. Bars with performing arts, entertainment, singing and dancing, disco, ballroom dancing and other activities;

  2. Swimming pool and all underground space sports and fitness places;

  3. KTV, Internet cafes, e-sports, script entertainment (including script killing, escape room), chess and card rooms and other places located in the underground confined space.

  The above venues continue to implement the suspension measures in accordance with the unified requirements of the city.

3. Strictly implement epidemic prevention and control regulations

  1. Business public places that resume operations in an orderly manner as required, need to sign the Commitment to Implement the Responsibilities of the Main Body of Epidemic Prevention and Control, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the public places before opening.

Before returning to work, all employees must provide a proof of vaccination and a 24-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate. After returning to work, they must be tested according to the frequency of nucleic acid testing and conduct health monitoring.

At the same time, special personnel should be arranged to strictly implement prevention and control measures such as scanning code verification, temperature measurement, and checking the 72-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate for all entering personnel.

  2. All types of venues must earnestly perform their main responsibilities and strictly implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control.

The competent departments of various industries should implement their supervisory responsibilities, strengthen the guidance and supervision of the epidemic prevention and control work in various business sites, and suspend business for rectification in public places that are not properly implemented.

Those who cause the spread of the epidemic due to the ineffective implementation of prevention and control measures will be severely held accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.

Encourage the whole people to participate in epidemic prevention supervision, and promptly report subjects and individuals who do not fulfill their epidemic prevention responsibilities.

  This notice will be implemented from the date of issuance and will be dynamically adjusted according to the city's epidemic situation.