Cyclists, ready to climb mountains and spin in the plains.

This July 1, the Tour de France 2022 starts in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For the occasion, discover the Grande Boucle differently in our

Minute Papillon podcast!

, thanks to Jean-Louis Pagès, director of the Tour sites for thirty years.

This sporting event, one of the biggest in the world, requires an enormous and meticulous organization.

Jean-Louis Pagès delivers figures and anecdotes in this interview, to listen to above.

Since its beginnings on July 1, 1903, the Tour has changed a lot.

"It has become gigantic," confides Jean-Louis Pagès.

During the first edition of the race, the tour represents six stages, in 2,400 kilometers.

Today, the runners do more than 20 stages, and travel nearly 3,300 kilometers.

“The Tour is a major event broadcast in 190 countries.

And millions of spectators gather on the side of the roads, continues the author of the

Tour de France on the back side

(Kennes editions).

It's like a [football] World Cup, but it's itinerant, and every year!


"The Tour has a little messy side"

Throughout the race, each day seems to be a "challenge", according to the former organizer, as the event is huge.

“We are a family of 4,500 people and 2,400 cars.

And every day, we move.

Everything must be prepared, in detail, from the accommodation to the size of the bouquets of flowers that are offered to the winners.

Some teams even came to restaurant kitchens to supervise the cooking of pasta, recalls Jean-Louis Pagès.

It has a little messy side, but that's also the atmosphere of the Tour.


Listen to the rest of the interview with Jean-Louis Pagès by clicking in the player above.

The race to watch live and in full, but also in “replays” and excerpts, on France Télévisions or on Eurosport.

It can also be read on, in our Tour de France 2022 section.

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