China News Service, Beijing, June 28 (Reporter Pan Xulin) "Top of the Forbidden City, Han Cai Wenhua - Liu Huaishan Painting Exhibition" opened on the 28th at the Jingshan Guande Hall on the central axis of Beijing.

This exhibition conveys the ancient and humanistic atmosphere to the public by showing the beauty of Chinese painting art and ancient architecture.

  Organized by Beijing Jingshan Park Management Office and Beijing Royal Garden Painting and Calligraphy Institute, this exhibition is another important exhibition in the "Top of the Forbidden City" series of exhibitions.

Previously, the special exhibition "Top of the Forbidden City, Looking at the Central Axis" was held in the second courtyard of Guande Hall, which introduced the preparation process of Beijing's central axis in detail and the process of applying for the World Heritage.

exhibition site.

Photo by Pan Xulin

  Mr. Liu Huaishan, who is more than a few years old, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Inner Mongolia Normal University in his early years. As a well-known painter in the contemporary Chinese painting circle, he is both abiding by tradition and innovative. His works are based on a wide range of materials, especially in landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, Animals and other aspects have been involved in and quite accomplished, forming its unique brush and ink language and painting style.

  This exhibition held at the Guande Hall in Jingshan is the fourth of Mr. Liu Huaishan's "Han Cai Wenhua" series of exhibitions. It brings together more than 40 masterpieces of landscapes, flowers and birds created by him in recent years, especially the splash-colored landscape works. On the base of freehand brush and ink, the stone color is splashed, the wonderful rhythm is natural, the texture is self-evident, and the new ideas are frequently presented, which is generally praised by the painting circle.

Liu Huaishan (left) and guests at the exhibition site.

Photo by Pan Xulin

  The Guande Hall was opened to the public for the first time in September 2020. It is the second ancient building complex in Jingshan Park that has been vacated and repaired.

Today's Guande Hall has roughly restored the original appearance of Qianlong's 13-year history.

An exhibition of Liu Huaishan's paintings was held at the Guande Hall in Jingshan.

Photo by Pan Xulin

  It is reported that the first and second courtyards of Guande Hall have been designed as temporary exhibition halls, and the third and fourth courtyards are used as cultural spaces of Jingshan Academy, providing the public with high-quality cultural services and characteristic cultural experiences in an organized manner.