• Star of the summer of 2021, Bubble tea has just been dethroned by Mogu Mogu.

  • This new refreshing drink, from Thailand, offers varied and exotic flavors, such as passion fruit or lychee.

  • Very popular on the Asian continent, it arrives in Europe and is a hit with young French people.

A drink made from fermented coconut, anyone?

In any case, young French people love the Mogu Mogu.

A cocktail composed of water, coconut, fruit juice and additives that comes straight from Thailand, enough to cool off during the next heat wave.

Sign of a certain enthusiasm, this refreshing drink is beginning to invade the shelves of French supermarkets.

It can be found in Asian grocery stores, but also in Carrefour and Monoprix stores.

What appeals to young people above all?

The price of the Mogu Mogu (less than two euros!) and the

very instagramable

packaging .

Good for health ?

In the small bottle of Mogu Mogu, there is water, fruit juice and fermented coconut cubes.

The name of the drink is taken from a Japanese word meaning "to chew".

Because at the same time as we drink, we eat cubes of coconut jelly.

If the composition may seem healthy, it also contains sucrose, citric acid, calcium lactate and preservatives.

When scanning the product on the Yuka application, the score of 0/100 appears.

In addition to the high number of calories and the far too high sugar level, there are nine additives categorized as "to avoid".

To consume with moderation.


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