Today's reality is such that in it the head of Ukrainian intelligence in an interview with a British publication can calmly, even casually already threaten Russia with terrorist attacks and sabotage, and ... he will get nothing for it.

No condemnation, no outrage, no warning.


Because all threats against Russia are now not only not prohibited, but even encouraged.

I'll say more.

The world is now so turned inside out that it is our country, which is fighting Ukrainian terrorism, that they want to recognize as a terrorist country.

Here is such a Carroll, multiplied by Orwell and seasoned with Kafka and Huxley.

But everyone is fine with it.

Moreover, this Ukrainian Looking-Glass at the Animal Farm has now become almost the center of the universe, around which everyone else is dancing the battle hopak in a frantic rhythm, simultaneously emptying their treasury and weapons depots.

With the only goal: if only Putin did not win.

Because in the legends and myths of the Old and New Worlds it is written that as soon as Russia finishes with Ukraine, it will immediately begin to finish with everyone else.

That's just why we need it, no one knows.

But that doesn't matter.

You see, a close-knit mediocrity, not used to using the head and its contents for its intended purpose, needs a goal that it will stubbornly pursue.

Not so much even for the sake of the result, but for the sake of the process itself, which replaces TV shows and series for many.

And then

that in the course of this process (miles pardon the pun) a lot of terrible and irreversible things can happen, no one really cares.

Vice versa!

The more victims and blood, the fiercer the confrontation, the fuller the rivers of tears and suffering, the better.

For people craves action.

And horror.

Such that already the heels are cold.

Therefore, Budanov's threats against Russia are tasty and tempting for the Western man in the street.

And so much so that no money for a ticket to the first row is not a pity.

And the fact that behind these threats is a real danger to the life and health of Russians... Oh, well, I beg you!

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after Korea and Vietnam, after Yugoslavia and Iraq, after Libya and Afghanistan, the Western man has developed a concrete indifference to everyone who is not a member of his household.

That is why it is naive and pointless to expect some kind of indignation in connection with Ukrainian threats against Russia.

Vice versa.

All this terrorism is now vehemently encouraged and sponsored.

And yes.

The slogan “A good Russian is a dead Russian” is now not only about Ukraine.

The Western layman, easily susceptible to manipulation and suggestion, has already been worked up to the stage of “Muscovites for knives”, and now, together with the Ukrainians, he sincerely rejoices at every shelling not only of Donbass, but also of our border territories, admitting fantasies about missile strikes on Moscow as well.

So in the current situation, we have only one thing left: to record all such facts, simultaneously taking appropriate security measures and giving a legal assessment to these not just statements, but namely promises.

After all, we, like no one else, perfectly learned the lesson that if someone promises to kill us, then his words must be taken seriously.

We have lived for too long on the principle “this is their policy, and they themselves are good and nice people, they just say it like that.”

And this self-deception has already cost us dearly.

But the time for illusions is over.

And now - only demilitarization and denazification.

Absolute and unconditional.

Because if we leave them at least one cartridge, then even in their death agony they will try to shoot it.

We are in the back.

PS While the issue was being made up: the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to open a criminal case against the head of the intelligence department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, who threatened terrorist attacks on Russian territory.

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