With the return to normal production and living order in Shanghai, Zhai Jiang, the former head of the Shanghai Animal Shelter, also successfully "retired" from the position of "President" and returned to his pet store.

On June 27, he and the volunteers received volunteer certificates and pennants from Huangpu District.

Zhai Jiang told reporters that the experience of being in charge of the animal shelter gave him a lot of feelings. In the future, he will continue to devote himself to the public welfare of pets, such as promoting civilized dog raising and carrying out stray animal rescue and other work.

  At present, Zhai Jiang has helped several stray animals find their families. Now there are two stray dogs in the store, and Zhai Jiang will continue to find families for them.

(Reporter Li Qiuying produced Li Jiali)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]