One of the eight major titles of shogi, "Oi", has started on the 28th, and Souta Fujii (19), who is defending the title, is facing the first match against the challenger Masayuki Toyoshima (32).

The first station of "Oi" was held at a hotel in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, and the challenger Toyoshima Kudan entered the game room first, and then Fujii Gokan sat in front of the board.

The game started at 9 am, and when the first player, Toyoshima Kudan, struck the rook's step, the second player, Fujii Gokan, took a drink and then struck the rook's step.

Among the title defense battles scheduled for this year, Fujii Gokan won the "Eiou Battle" last month, and also faced the battle that defended in the "Throne Battle" and "Kisei Match" that started on the 28th. is.

On the other hand, Toyoshima Kudan played against the Fujii Five Crowns in three title battles, "Throne," "Eiou," and "Ryuo," and all of them were defeated.

This "Oi" will be the same face as last time, and it will be interesting to see if Fujii Gokan will defend as it did last year, or if Toyoshima Kudan will take the title and play a humiliation.

The seventh game of the "Throne Battle" will be played until September, and the victory or defeat of the first game is expected to be decided on the afternoon of the 29th.